Universities that lead in volunteering for good causes


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Universities that lead in volunteering for good causes

  1. 1. Universities that Lead in Volunteering for Good CausesWhile many students attend college strictly to obtain their degrees, others commit agreat deal of their spare time to helping out good causes. Some schools havestronger volunteering traditions than others. Below, you will find a list of the nineAmerican colleges that have the strongest traditions for giving back to their localcommunities.University of California at San DiegoWith approximately 28,000 students, the University of California at San Diego isbursting at its seams with potential volunteers. Happily enough, plenty of them getinto the spirit of things. In fact, the university received some very importantrecognition in April 2011, when the Clinton Global Initiative university meetingswere held on its campus. Former president Bill Clinton chose the school for itsstrong tradition of volunteerism, which extends beyond many students academiccareers. For example, a considerable number of alumni go on to serve in the PeaceCorps. There are also more than 560 student organizations, and many of themregularly engage in volunteer activities.University of North Carolina at Chapel HillTheres no question that students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hilllike to give back to their local community. For one thing, the school ranks fourth interms of students who go on to participate in the Teach for America program,which places talented teachers in inner-city schools. The schools womensbasketball team is regularly highlighted for its volunteer activities. In the past, theteam has visited patients at the North Carolina Cancer Hospital. Assisting withlocal causes is a strong tradition at this university, which is attended by around30,000 students.Fordham UniversityAlthough the student population of Fordham University hovers around 15,000, theschool gives back to the community in a big way. It joins up with localorganizations to help provide plenty of volunteers. Local groups like the GayMens Health Crisis center benefit enormously from the participation of Fordhamstudents. Students also volunteer as tutors for Grace Outreach, which is a GEDprogram for adult women. Additional causes center around at-risk youths andelderly people who are confined to their homes.
  2. 2. University of California at RiversideThe approximately 20,000 students who attend the University of California atRiverside contribute around 70,000 hours to causes in the local community. Thosewho attend the school can take their pick from many great causes in the immediatearea. Popular examples include Unity in R Community and Heart Pillows for HeartPatients. The universitys website offers an easy-to-use portal that can be used tolocate worthwhile causes. Events like the Suicide Awareness Walk are annualtraditions for many of the schools students, who take time away from theirschedules to help out.Wright State UniversityThe students at Wright State University, which is located in a suburb of Dayton,Ohio, arent the only ones who get into the volunteering act. The staff at the schoolhas a long, proud tradition of giving back to the community too. The We Serve Uprogram is the official name of the program that is made up of Wright StateUniversity staff members. It participates in many ongoing projects. In the past, ithas collected and donated supplies to schools in Dayton. New projects are beingdeveloped all the time too, which helps to foster an environment of volunteerism.SUNY College of Environmental Science and ForestryOut of all of the schools on this list, SUNY College of Environmental Science andForestry is the tiniest. Despite having a student population of around 2,700, theschool manages to contribute about 70,000 hours to volunteerism per year. Itsstudents participate in a vast array of local projects. One ongoing example is thecleanup of the Onondaga Creek in Syracuse. Many of the schools studentsparticipate in cleanup efforts due to the fact that the schools focus is on forestryand environmental science.St. Louis UniversitySt. Louis University has a knack for getting students involved in local communityefforts. An incredible 2,778 people participated in the Make a Difference Dayevent, which takes place in the fall. That represents a considerable percentage ofthe schools approximately 16,000 students. Students also participate in a widerange of other successful events, such as Relay for Life. Its fraternities andsororities have proud traditions of giving back to the local community, which helpsto bolster the spirit of volunteerism that is so prominent at the Missouri university.
  3. 3. Portland State UniversityAs news spread about the fact that Oregon has a higher-than-average number ofhungry people, its largest university decided to do something about it. Indeed,Portland State University, which has about 30,000 students, chose to participate inState Employee Food Drive Month. Large barrels were placed across the campus.Students could then donate canned goods and other non-perishable food items intothe barrels. The event turned out to be a rousing success, and its just one exampleof the many ways in which the schools students give back to the local community.Student organizations are always on the lookout for new causes, and theirparticipation in those causes is a very positive thing.UCLAUCLA has had a proud tradition of volunteerism throughout much of its history. Itdrove home that point in September 2009, with the creation of the VolunteerCenter. The center became the official headquarters of the schools involvement inmany great local causes. Through the Volunteer Center, students can sign up toparticipate in Red Cross events and other projects. Beach cleanups and otherworthwhile events keep the schools approximately 40,000 students busy all yearlong. At any given moment, UCLA students are busy volunteering with a widerange of worthwhile local causes. The tradition is sure to continue and grow evenstronger too.