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Transgressions of tiger woods


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Transgressions of tiger woods

  1. 1. Comeback in the Works for Tiger Woods - Just Dont Forget His PastTransgressionsTiger Woods is well on his way to achieving a shiny new image. The fickle natureof the media often makes it possible to sweep the past transgressions of famousfolks under the rug. In Woods case, however, the drama involved a lot more thanone isolated incident. Forgiving is one thing; forgetting is another. Take a walkdown memory lane and read up on Woods infamous transgressions below.Holly Sampson: Porn Star Enjoyed One-Night Stand with Golf ChampAdult film star Holly Sampson met Woods in a not-so-innocent way. She and acouple of girlfriends performed lap dances for the golf pro during a surprisebirthday party at an upscale hotel in California. In lieu of a tip, Sampson got toenjoy 45 minutes alone with Woods in his hotel room. Unlike many of his othermistresses, she never saw him again.Mindy Lawton: Waitress Gives Woods High Marks for PerformanceAfter meeting him in the summer of 2006, Mindy Lawton - who was a waitress at adiner at the time - carried on an affair with Woods. Like many of his other affairs,theirs was sprinkled with racy text messages. She told News of the World thatWoods was a phenomenal lover and "well endowed" to boot.Rachel Uchitel: The Mistress who Blew Woods CoverAs one of the first women to come forward about an affair with Woods, RachelUchitel is a trailblazer. She had already earned a reputation for herself beforebedding Woods, though; her fiancé was killed in the 9/11 attacks. At that time, shehad been a VIP hostess at Tao, which is a nightclub at The Venetian in Las Vegas.Uchitel also appeared on season four of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew foraddictions to pills and alcohol.Kalika Moquin: Ex-Mistress Plays Coy about AffairUnlike so many of her counterparts, Kalika Moquin refused to dish out the dirtabout Woods. She allegedly had a tryst with Woods over the weekend of October23, 2009, but the marketing director of Las Vegas hot spots like Bare Pool andLiquid refused to kiss and tell for the tabloids.
  2. 2. Raychel Coudriet: Woods Former Neighbor Enjoyed Brief Hookup withGolferFrom the sounds of it, Woods didnt restrict his carousing to ex-strippers andcocktail waitresses. He allegedly hooked up with Coudriet, his former neighbor, athis Orlando office. Coudriet met Woods for the first time at the tender age of 14.The one-night stand took place when she was 21, and she was allegedly enragedupon discovering that hed carried on affairs with several other women.Loredana Jolie: Ex-Playboy Model Penned Tell-All about WoodsAs poorly written as it may be, the book that Jolie wrote about her alleged affairwith Woods included many juicy details. "The Real Diary: Lessons from the GoodTime Girl to Champion" described Woods penchant for girl-on-girl hookups andmentioned that he made a point of always using protection during their encounters.Cori Rist: Woods Flew Her to Golf TournamentsRist was yet another ex-lover who allegedly first met Woods at a nightclub. In thiscase, the nightclub was Butter in New York City. After the initial hookup, the golfpro reportedly had Rist flown out to several of his golf tournaments to keep hernearby. This allegedly continued for about six months. These days, Rist confessesthat Woods is "not an honest man."Jamie Grubbs: Reality Star has 31-Month-Long Affair with WoodsUnlike many of Woods ex-paramours, Grubbs came armed with plenty ofevidence. The former reality star, who appeared in the first episode of "ToolAcademy," saved hundreds of juicy text messages and voice mails from the golfer.She told US Weekly that the affair began in Las Vegas in April 2007 - she was acocktail waitress at the time - and that it continued for 31 months.Jamie Jungers: Hooked Up with Woods on the Night his Dad DiedJungers was definitely one of the most outspoken of Woods alleged ex-mistresses.The former Las Vegas stripper and vodka pitchwoman made the rounds of showslike Dateline NBC and the Today Show to divulge dozens of dirty details about herdealings with Woods. She was Woods fourth alleged mistress to become known tothe world. The golf pro met her while she was working at the Badda Binggentlemens club in Las Vegas. Her media blitz angered the owner of the club, so
  3. 3. she had to find work elsewhere. Of all of the juicy tidbits that she dished out, themost scandalous one was that she hooked up with Woods on the night that hisfather passed away.Joslyn James: Adult Film Star Says Woods Got Her Pregnant TwiceJames story is anything but run of the mill. The adult film star not only revealedthat she had carried on a three-year-long affair with Tiger Woods, but she claimedthat the golfer impregnated her twice during that period. The first pregnancyallegedly ended in miscarriage; the second ended when she had an abortion. Sheclaims that she never told Woods about either pregnancy, and that she waspregnant around the same time that his wife was expecting on both occasions.Theresa Rogers: Woods Only "Cougar"The majority of the women who enjoyed affairs with Woods were in their twentiesand thirties. Rogers stands out because she is well into her forties. She holdsanother distinction: She is the only woman with whom Woods allegedly trystedbefore and during his marriage to Elin Nordegren. Rogers also garnered attentionfor hiring high-powered attorney Gloria Allred in the aftermath of the Woodsmeltdown.Julie Postle: Ex-Boyfriend Went to the MediaPostles affair with Woods came to light through an unlikely source: her ex-boyfriend. Indeed, Brian Kimbrough was thoroughly disgusted by Postles ongoingaffair with Woods, which began with an invitation to Woods mansion when shewas only 20. Kimbrough, an Orlando bartender, divulged many interesting detailsabout the affair to the New York Post. For example, Postles caller ID listed Woodsas "Mr. Brightside."