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ThreatSign! - Website Anti-Malware Monitoring & Alerting Service


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Quttera offers its malware detection solution as hosted software services. This website security monitoring and malware alerting solution does not require setup, installation and maintenance. It can be accessed from any computer through a Web browser.

ThreatSign! is a daily scan of the website/domain content to detect signs of possible malicious or any other suspicious activity. This website security monitoring and alerting service is a simple yet powerful way to help the webmaster to both protect the reputation of his website and to avoid visitors from being infected by malware.

ThreatSign! is provided as a cloud-based service to ensure the latest features and threat detection enhancements are delivered with no requirement for software or agent installation.

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ThreatSign! - Website Anti-Malware Monitoring & Alerting Service

  1. 1. Google Chrome – 1035 CVE entries search query: Internet Explorer - 1216 CVE entries search query: All Major Web Browsers Contain Security Vulnerabilities! Mozilla Firefox: - 1152 CVE entries search query: Safari – 545 CVE entries search query: Opera – 333 CVE entries * CVE searched on 09-Jan-2014 search query:
  2. 2. Free And Commercial Simple Infrastructure Free automatic generation frameworks available on the web More than 40 commercial exploit kits and packs: HTML Blackhole Exploit Kit Eleonore Exploit Kit Incognito Exploit Pack and more... JavaScript PDF Easy To Develop New Or Acquire Working Security Vulnerability Exploits! Free CMS Shared Hosting Outdated software, misconfiguration, customization and etc… Once single website is compromised others are vulnerable too WordPress Hostgator Joomla Bluehost Drupal and many others
  3. 3. Free and commercial exploits generation kits Signature-based and pattern-based detection methods are not effective against zero-day crafted attack! Free publicly available encoders and packers Commercial encoders and packers
  4. 4. ! $ Insert malicious and suspicious content like ads to porno sites Steal sensitive data such as credit card numbers and other personal data Redirect your domain to third-party web-site and steal your traffic The successful attack might: Get your domain/website blacklisted Hijack your computer/ server or mobile device Infect computer of your website visitors Place malware code that is no visible and hard to detect on your website
  5. 5. ThreatSign! Real Time Website Anti-Malware Monitoring and Alerting! Easy, Fast and Effective! No software to install or maintain! Any website size and complexity! • Binary vulnerability exploits • Shell-codes • JavaScript vulnerability exploits • JavaScript obfuscation techniques • Malicious and malformed PDF files • Unconditional redirections to third-party web-sites • Malicious iframes • External links to suspicious resources Detection • Daily scan of up to 150MB of available website content • Monitor file changes and modifications • Web dashboard UI to manage monitoring settings Monitoring • Email alerts • Detailed website scan report • Configurable alerting preferences • Automatically updated graphical security sealing for websites Alerting