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Smarter Sales: How to be more Personal through Automation


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Personalization through automation may sound contradictory, but with theses sales tips and customer service tricks provided by and you can learn how to use the Socratic Method, Proposal Templates, and Customer Relationship Management Strategies to differentiate yourself and to email so you don't get spammed.

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Smarter Sales: How to be more Personal through Automation

  1. 1. Smarter Sales How to Be More Personal Through Automation TODAY'S WEBINAR:
  2. 2. Jennifer Riggins
 Community Manager, Quote Roller Sarah Khogyani 
 Marketing Manager, AffinityLive Alison Russell 
 Business Development Director,AffinityLive PRESENTERS: Based in Barcelona, this New Jersey girl has a passion for writing about Spanish startups. She's also a lover of smoosh- faced dogs, cooking and travelling. With dual degrees in business and neurospsychology and over 12 years’ experience in business development, Alison drives sales excellence at AffinityLive. As a lover of all things marketing, Sarah opts-in to newsletters, never skips commercials, and keeps adblock unpaused.
  3. 3. 1. Personalize with Socrates 2. Let’s Templatize! 3. Strategize 4. One Size Does Not Fit All 5. DifferentiateYourself 6. Email Like a Human Webinar Overview
  4. 4. 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting. 44% of salespeople give up after 1 follow-up. Source:The Marketing Donut
  5. 5. 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. Source:
  6. 6. 70% of people make purchasing decisions to solve problems. 30% make decisions to gain something. Source: Impact Communications
  7. 7. Common Sales Mistakes Most salespeople do "sales presentations," rather than determining what their prospect wants, and why. Therefore, their prospects feel neglected and disrespected. Most salespeople do not utilize a consistently effective sales process.Therefore, each sales opportunity is handled differently, based on what they are comfortable doing.Their results are hit or miss.The Top 1% of salespeople consistently do what has the highest probability of producing high closing rates.
  8. 8. What is the formula for smarter sales that win?
  9. 9. Best Practice Tip #1: Put the Personal Touch Back into Sales with the Socratic Method
  10. 10. The Socratic Method “The form of inquiry and discussion between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas.”
  11. 11. But what does moldy Socrates have to do with my modern, mobile business?
  12. 12. It’s simple: ! Ask a series of open-ended questions that reveal client needs. ! Then, respond with the benefits of your service or product as a solution to those needs.
  13. 13. Building Rapport: 1. How’s business? 2. What have you been up to? 3. How are you planning to spend your day off? 4. How’s the family? 5. What’s on your mind? Qualifying: 1. What do you want to talk about today? 2. What don’t you like about your current service provider? 3. What outcome are you looking for? 4. What’s the biggest obstacle preventing you from reaching that? 5. What would make this meeting successful for you?
  14. 14. Push Outsourcing: 1. How much time do you spend doing X? 2. How does that time commitment affect your day to day? 3. How much funds do you dedicate to the staff that does X? 4. What could you be spending that time doing instead? 5. How much training does your staff receive in doing X? Offering: 1. Does this sound like what you have in mind? 2. What are your concerns? 3. What are the restrictions on this project from your side? 4. Why do you feel like now is Not the time to change? 5. Are there any other questions we should be asking you?
  15. 15. Awkward Money Conversation: 1. What sort of budget were you looking to work with here? 2. Have you outsourced this service/bought this sort of product before? 3. How much did it cost you? 4. What do you expect to pay for X? Closing: 1. Do you have any other questions for me? 2. Can any of our other services assist you? 3. Would you like this OR this? 4. When can we meet again? 5. Have I answered all of your questions?
  16. 16. –Woodrow Wilson “We should not only master questions, but also act upon them, and act definitely.”
  17. 17. And how can I mobilize the Socratic Method?
  18. 18. Best Practice #2: Templatize proposals
  19. 19. The right tools can help do the leg work for you and give you more time to spend on building client relationships.
  20. 20. Benefits of Template-izing Proposals • It saves an incredible amount of time - from two hours to 15 minutes! • You can readily recognize and correct your mistakes • You replicate the things that you do right • You can spend time focusing on customizing your proposal for client needs. • You can add creative credibility, like video client tales, slideshows of similar design work.
  21. 21. Quote Roller Step #1:Your AffinityLive Contact & Deal info 
 pours right into your Quote Roller Proposal. Use a Blank Proposal, reuse one you already created, or jumpstart your proposal creation with one of our 35+ industry-proven Proposal Templates.
  22. 22. Quote Roller Step #2:Add your Pricing Table
 The part your clients are spending the most time looking at! You can offer your clients pricing options, quantity options, & package deals. Build your own pricing table or reuse one from your Catalog.
  23. 23. Offer your clients what they asked for ! …but then upwell with the option to add extra services or double the quantity. Don’t Sell the Kitchen Sink
  24. 24. Quote Roller Step #3: Use our WYSIWYG Editor Drag-n-drop Content Blocks, reusing content or creating new, showing how you can offer a solution to your client.
  25. 25. 1. The Cover Letter - Personalize! 2. Executive Summary - Customize! 3. The Proposal - Stick to what they want! 4. Services & Pricing - Ditto + the Upsell! 5. The Terms - OK, a bit of Boilerplate… 6. About Us - Show your experience in concept of what you can do for them! 7. Get Started Section - Hope for the best! Be specific! 8. Electronic Signature - Direct Call to Action! Pieces of a Perfect Proposal
  26. 26. • Non-related Education, Experience • Impressive-yet-unrelated examples • Diagrams & Designs • Extra references and client testimonials • Anything else they didn’t ask for Anything else? Cut vs.Addendum
  27. 27. • You can use whatever you want to show off your business in the scope of being a solution for clients: videos, websites, photo galleries, HTML content, custom brand domain. • Quote Roller lets you reuse content, helping to make sure you don’t make mistakes like reuse old pricing or the wrong name. • Quote Roller cuts your proposal creation down to about 15 minutes! • Just make sure, when you reuse proposal content, you take the time to customize to address your lead’s needs. Focus on Client Needs
  28. 28. Quote Roller Step #4: Finalize Send your clients a secure link to your Proposal.
 Use legal Electronic Signature to close deals faster.
  29. 29. • Know right away when your client opens your proposal • Know what they are looking at for how long • Time excellent follow up • Anticipate and address objections • Close deals faster! Quote Roller lets you 
 read your clients’ minds
  30. 30. Step 1: Hear them out. Step 2: Decide if real. Step 3: Address directly. Step 4: Focus on them. Step 5: Get an edge with Quote Roller! Anticipate and address objections Overcome Objections Socratically
  31. 31. –Michael Jordan “It’s not about the shoes. It’s about what you do in them.”
  32. 32. Best Practice Tip #3: Strategize
  33. 33. From Greek Philosophy to Military Strategy "Know the enemy and know yourself, and your victory will never be endangered." - Sun Tzu
  34. 34. A Successful Sales Strategy Analyze Understand Organize Prepare Execute Repeat
  35. 35. Tools to help you analyze, understand, organize & prepare
  36. 36. Best Practice Tip #4: One Size Does Not Fit All
  37. 37. Different processes for different sales types
  38. 38. Defined stages to move through
  39. 39. Best Practice Tip #5: Differentiate Yourself as Well as Your Mousetrap
  40. 40. More than just a rolodex • Log calls • Assign & manage daily tasks • Schedule meetings • Track all communications
  41. 41. Best Practice Tip #5: Email like a Human
  42. 42. AffinityLive Email Marketing Insights • What are the best types of emails to send? • How do we navigate around Gmail tabs?
  43. 43. The Uglier,The Better Designed HTML emails had significantly lower open rates than one-to- one, personal emails.
  44. 44. The Uglier,The Better
  45. 45. Findings • Not using the word 'Unsubscribe' in email body results in a boost of almost a third of open rates • Subjects that mention their company name in the subject boosted open rates twice as much • More than double the engagement, open and click- through rates when sending out personalized emails rather than designed HTML emails
  46. 46. 10 Benefits to Working in the Cloud 1. Flexibility 2. Mobility 3. Organized / productivity 4. Easily scale / grow your biz 5. Keep everyone on the same page 6. Save money 7. Save time 8.Time followup 9. Staff can work from anywhere 10. Makes it easy for prospects to sayYes!
  47. 47. So what are you waiting for?
  48. 48. If you want to nurture leads into qualified deals, sign up for today! If you want to send your clients persuasive business proposals, sign up for today! The Perfect Pair to help you sell better!