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Collaborative Sales Guide to Business Proposal Writing


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Even writing a business proposal can be a job for a team, when you're looking to put your best foot forward. offers you a Collaborative Sales guide teaches you how to write a proposal that takes advantage of all your best resources.
By Jennifer Riggins

Published in: Business
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Collaborative Sales Guide to Business Proposal Writing

  1. 1. Collaborative Sales How to organize, automate & motivate your team to create a spectacular business proposal.
  2. 2. Two heads are always better than one!* *unless you’re eating it!
  3. 3. Selling a team-based service gives you an edge over competition. It says “We’re happy to help!” and client-focused.
  4. 4. Who will be in charge? Who will be working on it? Who will do what? Who can bring what to the table?
  5. 5. Send out your prospect’s dossier: Webpage Wiki Mission Statement Google News results Key DecisionMakers with job title, experience, LinkedIn profiles Any inside info / industry rumors
  6. 6. Build your plan of action Who will set pricing? Who will design the proposal? Who will customize your branding? Who will personalize messaging for your client?
  7. 7. Pick a Management Approach Quality Assurance establishes standardized measurements to address performance of all contracted activities Customer Partnership Approach creates a management structure across organizations. This approach involves the customer in virtually all aspects of the contracted actions. Communication Strategy that establishes a structure of reporting and communicating between your business and its customer. Human Resources Approach that empowers the Project Manager to be able to conduct hiring and reorganization of personnel to complete the project. Program Governance Plan establishes effective delegation from the PM down through establishes roles in your company, and often, cross-organizationally.
  8. 8. Maintain a common cross-company checklist to keep everyone on the same page. Use our list or build one together!
  9. 9. 20 Open-Ended Questions for your Clients Build Rapport: Qualifying: 1. How’s business? 1. What do you want to talk 2. What have you been up to? 3. How are you planning to spend your day off? 4. How’s the family? 5. What’s on your mind? about today? 2. What don’t you like about your current service provider? 3. What outcome are you looking for? 4. What’s the biggest obstacle preventing you from reaching that? 5. What would make this meeting successful for you?
  10. 10. Offering: Closing: 1. Does this sound like what you have in mind? 1. Do you have any other 2. What are your concerns? 2. Can any of our other 3. What are the restrictions on this project from your side? 4. Why do you feel like now is Not the time to change? 5. Are there any other questions we should be asking you? questions for me? services assist you? 3. Would you like this OR this? 4. When can we meet again? 5. Have I answered all of your questions?
  11. 11. “We should not only master questions, but also act upon them, and act definitely.” –Woodrow Wilson
  12. 12. Before sending, read your proposal out loud to the group. Have everyone double check for mistakes.
  13. 13. How to build a team on Quote Roller ’ll ou o y e, s . ens mber lic me ser m a u tea xtr ew n e s n s a t hi is i for , th ly ber nth em mo Rem led bi l be Settings > Team > Add a member
  14. 14. Quote Roller Teams share a Content Library, enabling cross-company branding and loads of saved time!
  15. 15. Enterprise Clients: Can Assign Permissions il ma , e as t e. t, L im irs y t d F t an a ad it st ed mu ll can e a in her dm s w e a e i Th Her ss. dre ad Enterprise plan allows you to determine an Admin and who can access or edit which sections.
  16. 16. Types of Permissions Admin - has full access to everything in Quote Roller system User – There are multiple options that you can set for this account type. Can Manage templates — allows team member to manage all company templates and their themes. If this permission is unchecked, then team member can view templates and can use them in the proposals, but can’t manage their structure, themes design, but can’t create new ones. (Template manager is often your most visual member.) Can View and edit other user’s proposals - Specifies if team member can access proposals of other team members. If this permission is unchecked then team member has access only to his/her own proposals. (Perfect for competitive sales teams!)
  17. 17. Your colleague will receive this email and link, asking them to create a password or log in with Google Apps. Then they’re ready to go!
  18. 18. We even have a team pricing plan!
  19. 19. Go to to start saving time & money creating persuasive business proposals today!