Sales 101: Presentation given at DreamIT Ventures


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  • Started as a programmer – founded my own start-up – quickly moved into salesBeen doing sales for over 15 years for start-ups and other small and growing companiesBuilt sales teams – and never missed quota
  • Types of Customers Consumers Small Businesses Enterprises Marketers
  • How to get volume up: PR is the best – qualified leads Articles. Blogs, Linked-in, etc.
  • The Genius of never logging into the software I was selling.Focus on how you are going to change their world – not how its done with your productIf you can convince the customer that you will change their world… the rest is gravy.They can live with imperfections in the product – they understand the true valueAngelsoft: Came in and changed the presentation from walking through the day in the life to value
  • No Demos! Demo’s are chances to screw up, Show pre-recorded videos if you have to
  • Why?Too expensive,
  • SPIF = need a customer in Consumer packaged Goods, need a contract over $10,000 in value
  • Sales 101: Presentation given at DreamIT Ventures

    1. 1. Sales 101 for your Start-up<br />Mark I LaRosa <br />
    2. 2. Things to consider<br />Who do you sell to? (sniper or shotgun)<br />Do you market or sell? (both)<br />When do you hire someone to focus on revenue?<br />Who do you hire? Blue Jeans or Grey Hair<br />
    3. 3. Different types of sales / salespeople<br />Type of customer and product drives type(s) of sales functions needed:<br />Marketing<br />Business Development<br />Inside Sales / Tele-sales <br />Outside Sales <br />Account managers <br />Hunters vs Farmers<br />
    4. 4. Pipeline<br /><ul><li>Deals currently being worked in </li></ul> various stages<br /><ul><li>More calls = more leads = more sales
    5. 5. PR is best (driving inbound) = qualified leads
    6. 6. Outsourced lead-generation
    7. 7. Hourly / Success-based</li></li></ul><li>Selling Value over Function<br />
    8. 8. RESIST DEMOS<br />
    9. 9. Embrace the word “NO”<br />Ask for the sale<br />No gives the chance to ask why?<br />No can mean:<br />Not now<br />Not in that way<br />Not at that price<br />
    10. 10. negotiation<br />If I… will you….<br />Good Cop – Bad Cop<br />End of quarter pushes<br />
    11. 11. You never call anymore<br />Use the phones….<br />SEO is great, but nothing beats personal contact.<br />Don’t expect your prospects to do the hard work<br />
    12. 12. Managing sales people<br />Manage to metrics<br />Ultimately expect results<br />Let comp plan do the heavy lifting<br />Press on accelerating the close<br />Flush out deals that are not real<br />Don’t let salespeople trend to the easier conversations<br />Great salespeople are easier to manager<br />
    13. 13. Compensation terms and basics<br /><ul><li>Base
    14. 14. Commissions
    15. 15. Draw
    16. 16. Recoverable / Non-recoverable
    17. 17. Bonus
    18. 18. Quota / Accelerator
    19. 19. SPIF (Sales Promotion Incentive Fund)
    20. 20. OTE (On Target Earnings)
    21. 21. Up-side: DO NOT CAP!</li></li></ul><li>Your biggest capital expense<br /><ul><li>Finding great salespeople is biggest bottleneck for a growing company
    22. 22. Failed salespeople are the biggest waste of capital
    23. 23. Right sales team = life or death
    24. 24. Don’t Scale until you know your head from your feet
    25. 25. Never more than double any sales force</li></li></ul><li>Finding Good people<br /><ul><li>55% of sales professionals are in the wrong occupation1
    26. 26. Sales professionals that are </li></ul> job-matched outperform their counterparts by 40% and are twice as likely to stick2<br /><ul><li>Try all angles: recruiters, job boards, recommendations</li></ul>20%<br />A Players<br />Top Performers<br />Account for 80% of Sales <br />55%<br />C Players<br />Should not be in sales at all<br />25%<br />B Players<br />Should be selling elsewhere<br />1. Croner, Christopher and Richard Abraham, Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again, Inner Workings LLC, 2006.<br />2. Greenberg, Herbert and Jeanne, ”Job Matching for Better Sales Performance,” Harvard Business Review no.80505 <br />
    27. 27. What to look for<br /><ul><li>Expensive Hobbies
    28. 28. Confidence
    29. 29. Ability to listen and answer questions directly
    30. 30. Grasp general ideas around your product quickly
    31. 31. Creative thinking on new ways to pitch your product
    32. 32. Construct a pitch on the fly…</li>