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ASP.NET is a development framework for building web pages and web sites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server scripting.

HADOOP Online Training by Quontra Solutions. We are providing excellent experts on Hadoop and associated big data technologies Trainers. Our training methodology is very unique Our Course Content covers all the in-depth critical scenarios. We have completed more than 200+ Hadoop Training batches through Online Training program. Our Hadoop Classes covers all the real time scenarios, and it’s completely on Hands-on for each and every session.

The list of current courses is as follows:
 Hadoop developer course for programmers
 Hadoop administration Course *
 Introduction to R *
 Data-mining 101 *
 Applying R on hadoop *

What is covered in the Course?
 Basics of Hadoop
 The architecture of Hadoop
 Hadoop distributed file system(HDFS)
 Pig
 Sqoop
 Flume
 Guidance for certification is also included along with assistance for Job Placement in the emerging technology of Big Data.

Pre-requisites for the course?
* Basic understanding of programming (knowledge of java will help though not necessary)
* Motivated to learn an emerging new technology with high job growth.

Please Visit us for the Demo Classes, we have regular batches and weekend batches.

204-226 Imperial Drive, Rayners Lane, Harrow HA27HH
Contact: +44(0)-20-3734-1498 / 1499

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Introduction to online training by QuontraSolutions

  1. 1. Introduction to ASP.NET Contact:+44(0)-20-3734-1498
  2. 2. ASP.NET mean is Active Server Pages . It is a server-side Web application framework designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages .It was developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build , • Dynamic web sites, • Web applications • Web services Contact: +44(0)-20-3734-1498
  3. 3. • The latest version of ASP is known as ASP.NET • Visual Studio .NET is a developer application used to create ASP.NET Web applications • There are two main types of Web resources created with ASP.NET applications – Web Forms are ASP.NET pages within an ASP.NET application – Web Services are ASP.NET Web pages that contain publicly exposed code so that other applications can interact with them – Web Services are identified with the file extension .asmx Contact: +44(0)-20-3734-1498
  4. 4. ASP.NET 1.0 was released on January 5, 2002 as part of version 1.0 of the .NET Framework. Scott Guthrie became the product unit manager for ASP.NET, and development continued apace, with version 1.1 being released on April 24, 2003 as a part of Windows Server 2003. This release focused on improving ASP.NET's support for mobile devices. Contact: +44(0)-20-3734-1498
  5. 5. • Improved Performance and Scalability.  Compiled Execution, Rich Output Caching, Web Farm Session State. • Enhanced Reliability.  Memory Leak, Dead Lock, and Crash Protection • Easy Deployment.  No Touch" Application Deployment, Dynamic Update of Running Application, Easy Migration Path • New Application Models.  XML Web Services • Developer Productivity.  Easy Programming Model, Flexible Language Options, Rich Class Framework. Contact: +44(0)-20-3734-1498
  6. 6. • Code-behind model  It is recommended by Microsoft for dealing with dynamic program code to use the code-behind model, which places this code in a separate file or in a specially designated script tag • User controls  ASP.NET supports creating reusable components through the creation of User Controls • Rendering technique  ASP.NET uses a visited composites rendering technique. During compilation, the template (.aspx) file is compiled into initialization code which builds a control tree (the composite) representing the original template Contact: +44(0)-20-3734-1498
  7. 7. • Server control Respond to users events by running event procedures on the server. • HTML control Represent the standard visual elements provided in HTML • Data control Provide a way to connect to perform commands on and retrieve data from SQL , OL ,databases and XML data files • System components Provide access to various system level events that occur on the server Contact: +44(0)-20-3734-1498