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Sponsor Package


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Sponsor Package

  1. 1. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES IMPACTDAY 2015 PORVOO 20.04.2015 Social entrepreneurship Workshops
  2. 2. Haaga-Helia Porvoo Campus • Porvoo Campus is 1 of Haaga-Helia’s 6 campuses • Unique learning method: focus on enquiry learning & real-life projects Bobonto • It is in this supportive environment that Bobonto, a start-up organization was founded • An online platform connects all non- governmental organizations’ activities A B O U T U S
  3. 3. Impact Day 2 0 .04.2015 Social Impact N.G.Os Social Enterprise Social Entrepreneurship Powered by: Visit us EARTH address
  4. 4. Shanshan Gong Former president of AIESEC in Finland Marc Dillon Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer at Jolla Oy Minna-Maari Harmaala Principal lecturer (Yliopettaja) at HAAGA-HELIA UAS Riina Hellström Consultant and coach, Extemporea Jari Ängeslevä Principal Consultant, Business and Digital Transformation Karim Ali Founder & CEO at Bobonto S P E A K E R S Mike Richards Brand Manager at Amcham in Finland
  5. 5. B E N E F I T S Brand Image Marketing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Co-operation opportunity
  6. 6. 1. Brand Image Marketing Free warm welcome Opportunity to exposure Brand Image Opportunities to deliver well services Accessing to 7 well-known public speakers Accessing to potential customer (over 150 people)
  7. 7. 2. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  Helping a hand in providing values for the society  Encouraging social entrepreneurship  Commitment to regular innovation  Building a better brand image for your organization.
  8. 8. 3. Co-operation opportunity:  Becomes a co-partner with the event organizer  Commissioner to students’ project  Finding potential partnership in the future  Partner with Haaga-Helia UAS, Haaga-Helia community  Reaching young talents for your organization’s development in the future
  9. 9. Khanh Vu 041 491 3424 Toan To 044 929 8985 Linh Duong 044 956 6361 F I N D IMPACT-DAY O N F A C E B O O K T H AN K Y O U ! CONTACTINFORMATION