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Highway to HELM

A set on history, etymology, literature, and mythology.

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Highway to HELM

  1. 1. Season ticket on a one way ride! HIGH WAY TO HELM Leeviya T S Bikash Daimari
  2. 2. Here are the rules: 1. No cheating. Cheating is paap. No, seriously. Will kick your ass to hell. 2. Quiz master is God. Oh wait . Sorry. Quiz master is Satan too. The decision of Quiz master is final and binding. 3. 3 rounds. Total 21 questions. 4. Have fun! Follow these rules or forget Heaven!
  3. 3. Merry go Round 01 It’s all connected 02 Sofie’s choice 03
  4. 4. Round 1 Merry Go Round • 8 questions • Pounce : +15 , -5 • Bounce: +10
  5. 5. Pithos is the Greek name of a large storage container or jar. Pithoi were used for bulk storage, primarily for fluids and grains. They were comparable to the drums, barrels and casks of recent times. A pyxis is a shape of vessel, usually a cylindrical box with a separate lid. These were mostly used by women to hold cosmetics, trinkets or jewellery. In the 16th-century, Dutch scholar Erasmus of Rotterdam, while translating an ancient tale, mistook pythos with pyxis. As a result, till date, an entity from the tale is known as a box instead of a jar. Which entity am I talking about? 1.
  6. 6. Pandora’s Box
  7. 7. War pigs are pigs reported to have been used in ancient warfare as military animals, mostly as a countermeasure against _________. Ancient Roman authors reported that "_________ are scared by the smallest squeal of the hog", and that the Romans exploited squealing pigs (and rams) to repel the war _________. This was done as the army with _________ on their side was often unbeatable. FITB. 2.
  8. 8. War pigs used against elephants
  9. 9. As we all know,This is the monolith appeared in Utah,USA. This is first of the many followed appearances of Monoliths around the world. Hell with it, India too has one now! Give me two literary works from which these Monoliths are inspired/ in which monoliths have a prominent role. 3.
  10. 10. 1. 2001: A space odyssey - Arthur . C . Clarke 2. Story of your life - Ted chiang
  11. 11. You may know ‘Story of your life’ differently!
  12. 12. The Black Death, which hit Europe in 1347, claimed an astonishing 200 million lives in just four years.The plague never really went away, and when it returned 800 years later, it killed with reckless abandon. As for how to stop the disease, people still had no scientific understanding of contagion but they knew that it had something to do with proximity. So the forward-thinking officials in Venetian-controlled port city of Ragusa decided something and implemented something experimentally and It sure brought about some consequent change in the scenario.The newly implemented law was first called as ‘trentino’ and later on the term changed to X , corresponding to the prolonging of the implementation duration of the law for each individual. X? And give me the funda behind the etymology. 4.
  13. 13. QUARANTINE The venetian sailors were first held in isolation in their ships for 30 days, and it was called ‘trentin’. With the prolonging of isolation to 40 days, ‘quarantine’ was first coined.
  14. 14. On the New years’ day of 2017, the residents in the Los’ angeles famous neighbourhood woke upto the change of ‘something’. The local media reported that the police were treating the matter as a minor trespass, and it was apparent that the change was brought about by the trespasser by using huge sheets of tarpoline and using it only in appropriate places. It is being believed that this prank was carried out due to the success of proposition 64, which legalised the recreational use of marijuana in the state. This prank was not something novel to the public,as it was carried out in 1976 before, for similar reasons. What change are we talking about? 5.
  15. 15. Hollywood changed to Hollyweed
  16. 16. While trespassing on railway tracks can be easy to get to the other side, people regularly meet with accidents, and often lose a limb, or their lives. In an awareness campaign launched by the Western Railway in November 2019, a man dressed as X stopped people trying to cross the unmanned tracks, and carried them back to safety. Using this satirical approach, Western Railway authorities dressed up a jawan from the Railway Police Force (RPF) as X to educate daily local train passengers of the danger. Identify X, whose role here can be considered ironical. 6.
  17. 17. Yamaraja
  18. 18. This phenomenon occurs when a group of large number of people remember and believe an event or a detail differently from how it actually happened. This is named after the common yet distinct belief of a certain personality’s death where in reality he was very much alive. When trying to explain this phenomenon, one theory states that this phenomenon validates the alternate realities and shared consciousness ,while another theory redirects to neural networks in brain that causes false memories. It shares its name with a 2019 sci fi movie also. Spoiler alert! One common example of this phenomenon is that people remember the iconic line from Star Wars as ‘Luke, I am your father’ While the actual dialogue is ‘I am your father’. More examples follow. 7.
  20. 20. The Mandela effect Countless people distinctly remember him dying in prison in the 1980s
  21. 21. The St. Martin’s Theatre is a West End Theatre in London, which was designed by WGR Sprague , along with its sister theatre, the Ambassador Theatre. This pair of theatres’ claim their fame thanks to a play that started its performance / display in Ambassador Theatre from 1952 to 1974 , after which it got shifted to St. Martin’s . . By tradition, the audience is requested not to reveal the identity of the murderer in the play as it could spoil the same for future audiences. Which play is this , that finished 65 years of its running in 2017? 8.
  22. 22. The Mouse Trap By Agatha Christie
  23. 23. Round 2 Sophie’s choice • 8 questions • 8 options to choose the question from. The highest scorer gets to pick first. • Pounce : +15 , -5 • Bounce: +10
  24. 24. 01 02 03 04 08 07 06 05 Big book Colour Old word India Celluloid Psycho O lord, O mary puzzle
  25. 25. The Vulgate (a Latin translation of The Bible) reads, "And when X came down from the Mount Sinai, he held the two tablets of the testimony, and he knew not that his face was horned from the conversation of the Lord." This was Saint Jerome's effort to translate the original Hebrew text, which uses the term qāran (based on the root qeren, which often means "horn"). The term is now interpreted to mean "shining" or "emitting rays". Although some historians believe that Jerome made an error, Jerome himself appears to have seen qeren as a metaphor for "glorified". Another explanation suggests that Saint Jerome thought no one but Christ should glow with rays of light – so he advanced with the secondary translation. This is the reason many depictions portray X with horns. Who is X? 1.
  26. 26. MOSES
  27. 27. “The Red Capes are Coming” is a track from the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where "red capes" possibly refer to superman and the danger he poses. This is a reference to the night of April 18, 1775 when Paul Revere rode a horse raising an alarm of the enemy's advance, and that rebel leaders Samuel Adams and John Hancock were going to be captured. Following his capture, the first military engagements of the American Revolution was started. Later, a phrase got stuck to his name which inspired the name of the track mentioned before. What phrase is Paul Revere said to be shouting while riding that night? 2.
  28. 28. The redcoats are coming
  29. 29. ‘The Prince’ is a 16th century political treatise written by Italian diplomat Nicholo _________, in which the author teaches the ‘end justifies the means’ method ,in which the end is glory and survival ,and he teaches that any immoral means can be waged to attain that end. X - a term’s origin which is mentioned above, is now used widely in politics and others, to denote a specific kind of behaviour / or way of achieving something. This behaviour when simply stated would be a mixture of cold,manipulative,cunning and deceptive. Some famous examples from pop culture are Tom ripley from The Talented Mr.Ripley Peter Baelish from Game of Thrones Franciss Urquhart from House of cards X? 3.
  30. 30. Machiavellian
  31. 31. According to a famous Hindu creation myth, the gods fashioned the world out of the body of a primeval being, the Purusa. The sun was created from the Purusa’s eye, the moon from the Purusa’s brain, the priests from its mouth, the warriors from its arms, the peasants and merchants from its thighs, and the servants from its legs. Simply, ‘original reason’ of what existing abomination of india? 4.
  32. 32. Caste System Priests- Brahmins Warriors- Kshatriyas Peasants- Vaishyas Servants- Shudras
  33. 33. connect 5.
  34. 34. Movies Based on Shakespeare’s Plays 10 things i hate about you- The taming of the shrew The lion king- Hamlet She’s the man- Twelfth night
  35. 35. The term 'Xing' can be traced back to a 1938 play. British playwright Patrick Hamilton created "X," a mystery/thriller that premiered in London and played there for six months. But most folks familiar with the history of the term think back to the 1944 film adaptation of the play with the same name. The movie is about a married couple, Paula and Gregory. Throughout the film, abusive husband Gregory manipulates Paula to make her feel as if she has gone mad. He leads her to believe she's stealing things without realizing it and hearing noises that aren’t really there. Paula begins to question her reality. With the background of the plot of the movie, Id this term which is used to call out a certain toxic behavioural trait of people? 6.
  36. 36. Gaslighting
  37. 37. In Greek mythology, Prometheus was the deity who was the creator of mankind and its greatest benefactor, who stole fire from Mount Olympus , created man and gave the fire to humanity. This pissed out the Gods who wanted to keep the fire to themselves. Thus, as punishment, Prometheus was chained to a rock to have his liver eaten out every day by an eagle. Every night his liver would grow back and the cycle would continue. It is said that author X borrowed parts from this myth while writing a 19th century novel – in which the central character is shown to have created life and then having repented for doing so, just like Prometheus. a) Who is X? b) How did Prometheus get an explicit mention in this 19th century novel? 7.
  38. 38. Mary Shelley The complete title of Frankenstein is Frankenstein , or the Modern Prometheus
  39. 39. This is a popular puzzle in which the task is to join 9 dots arranged in a square shaped area with 4 continuous straight lines without lifting the pen off the paper. The solution to this puzzle is believed to be origin of certain phrase which is quite seen among the poets, writers; what is the phrase?? 8.
  40. 40. OUT OF THE BOX
  41. 41. Round 3 Its all connected • 5 questions • Points for individual answers and long connect
  42. 42. Ghiyas-ud-Din Shah was a Sultan of the Malwa Sultanate in the fifteenth century. His court was known to have over 12,000 women, including entertainers and scholars. Said to have had a roving eye, he is reported to have undertaken the quest of Padmini, the ideal type of woman according to Hindu erotology. It is argued that a poet may have consciously or unconsciously 'interchanged' another emperor with Ghiyas-Ud-Din in one of his most popular works. Identify the emperor and the work. Long connect :+50, -30 +10
  43. 43. Alauddin Khalji, Padmaavat
  44. 44. X came from the Barlas tribe of Mongol origin, but isolated members of the tribe considered themselves Turks. Hence, X drew most of his support from Turks, and the empire he founded was Turkish in character. He was fifth in male succession from Timur and 13th through the female line from Genghis Khan. His father spent his life trying to recover Timur’s old capital of Samarkand (now in Uzbekistan), and X followed in his footsteps. After numerous failed attempts, he decided to concentrate on expansion elsewhere, and in 1522, he finally secured Kandahār. Identify X. +40,-20 +10
  45. 45. Babur
  46. 46. X was one of the most powerful Iranian rulers in history. some historians have described him as the Napoleon of Persia or the Second Alexander. In 1738, in a brilliant campaign against the governor of Peshawar, he took a small contingent on a daunting flank march through nearly impassable mountain passes and surprised the enemy forces positioned at the mouth of the Khyber Pass, beating them despite being outnumbered. On 13 February 1739 at the Battle of Karnal, X crushed the Mughal army in less than three hours. He sacked the city of Delhi, in the course of which tens of thousands of inhabitants were massacred. Identify X. Long connect :+30,-15 +10
  47. 47. Nader Shah
  48. 48. X, popularly known as Sher-e-Punjab or "Lion of Punjab", was the leader of the Sikh Empire in the early half of the 19th century. As a child, X suffered from smallpox which resulted in him losing one of his eyes. His army and government included Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims and Europeans. He appointed French soldier General Jean Franquis Allard, who served in Napolean’s army, to modernise his army and check expansion of the British rule. Underlining the close historical links between Punjab and France, the Punjab Government presented a bronze statue of X, which was installed at Saint Tropez, France in 2016. Identify X. Long connect :+20,-10 +10
  49. 49. Maharaja Ranjit Singh
  50. 50. At the time of her wedding, it was common for wedding dresses to come in a variety of colors. X, however, wished to show off the lace embroidery of her dress and requested it in white. She also asked that none of her guests wear white so as not to draw attention away from her, and she even had the pattern for her dress destroyed so that it could not be copied. She accessorized the dress with white satin shoes, Turkish diamond earrings, and a sapphire brooch that belonged to Prince Albert. This is how the tradition of brides wearing white dresses became popular. Identify X. Long connect :+10,0 +10
  51. 51. Queen Victoria
  52. 52. Long Connect Kohinoor Owners
  53. 53. CREDITS: This presentation template was created by Slidesgo, including icons by Flaticon,and infographics & images by Freepik THANKS Please keep this slide for attribution Leeviya T S Bikash Daimari

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A set on history, etymology, literature, and mythology.


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