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Five Ways to Use Quilla in Your Workplace


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Get inspired to use our digital writing solution, unlike any whiteboard or boardroom collaboration system. It's large-scale, portable, light weight, and always on - ready for your next idea, whenever it strikes. Go digital in any workspace.

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Five Ways to Use Quilla in Your Workplace

  1. 1. © 2018 QuirkLogic, Inc., 5 Ways to Use QuillaTM in Your Workplace
  2. 2. © 2018 QuirkLogic, Inc., Tools for brainstorming and collaboration in the modern office are abound, but technology isn’t always as easy as it seems. When an idea strikes and momentum builds, collaboration among colleagues needs to be as simple as writing on a whiteboard. Tools need to be easily available, portable, and flexible to sustain a team's creative momentum, not hinder it.
  3. 3. © 2018 QuirkLogic, Inc., Here are 5 ways teams can use QuillaTM to foster creativity and find innovative solutions to their most challenging problems faster.
  4. 4. © 2018 QuirkLogic, Inc., Brainstorming Sessions Ideas and creativity never follow a linear path. Use Quilla to brainstorm, recall content and continue to refine ideas. ü Pen works the way you expect ü Unlimited writing surface doesn’t limit creativity ü Write and revise with content automatically saved ü Your library allows you to recall content at any time to continue to iterate on ideas ü Create customized templates to facilitate your brainstorming and create content easily. Reuse for future meetings.
  5. 5. © 2018 QuirkLogic, Inc., Ad-hoc Collaboration Bring your team together when inspiration strikes! Quilla makes any space a productive space – even outdoors or in huddle spaces. ü Lightweight, portable, battery operated ü Place on a stand and move it around ü Simply walk up and use ü Auto-saved content – no need to transcribe notes later ü Sunlight readable ü Easily export content to review later
  6. 6. © 2018 QuirkLogic, Inc., Review Documents and Designs Use Quilla to collaborate on documents for joint reviews. Avoid costly printing of drawings and documents. ü Simple interface to import documents and designs ü Easy navigation and organization of content in a central library ü Share content with other reviewers ü Zoom in to detailed aspects of designs and drawings ü Connect Quilla devices to view multiple pages simultaneously or span designs across multiple devices ü Annotations of all stakeholders are made on the same file allowing for a complete view of all changes ü Export content to a USB to provide to clients, or share to a cloud service from your mobile device
  7. 7. © 2018 QuirkLogic, Inc., Collaborate with Remote Colleagues Never have any team members left out of brainstorming sessions with Quilla. Quilla co-exists with existing technologies. ü Participate and contribute from your own mobile phone or tablet ü Share workbooks and folders with colleagues on project teams ü Permissions for team members to recall shared content and view or edit content. ü Team members simply log in and can access content on any Quilla ü Sync mode in Quilla allows all to view exactly the same content and see annotations on the shared file in real-time
  8. 8. © 2018 QuirkLogic, Inc., Team Offsites Change your environment for focus, inspiration, or camaraderie. Bring Quilla with you for productivity and creativity, no matter where your team meets. ü Lightweight, portable, battery operated ü Connect to hotel or meeting space Wi-Fi ü Place on a stand and take Quilla to your meeting location ü Teamwork friendly – anyone can simply walk up and write ü Navigate pages – revisit ideas or display agenda ü Auto-saved content – no need to transcribe notes later ü Content is secure behind a login – leave no notes visible to outside parties
  9. 9. © 2018 QuirkLogic, Inc., § Writes easily with a digital pen, any meeting participant can use § Works in sunlight-filled offices, no need to close window blinds § USB-saved content – quick and easy to leave with all output in one place Key Capabilities: § Light and portable - bring to a rented or temporary workspace § Easy content navigation to bring structure to meetings – revisit agenda, notes, ideas Streamlined team offsite preparation and moderation with Quilla, improving effectiveness of their annual planning meeting
  10. 10. Boundless Creativity. Boundless Collaboration. © 2018 QuirkLogic, Inc.,