What the Agency of 2020 Looks Like


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  • Agree with your thoughts.   Think you should add: -  will not have creative teams, but rather multi-disciplinary, client focused teams (client lead, UX, tech, analytics, search, paid etc)-  Will do a lot of video production in house- Performance will not just be around bonuses, but actually taking a share in sales.   eg.  earning a % for every car sold-  Will need killer generalists  ·         They will have an ability to tap into the wisdom of the crowd when necessary·         They will have many staff who work remotely and on contract – not all of them, but a significant proportion·         They will be organised by client and not by discipline – clients will be mini agencies within agencies thus breaking up the corporate agency monolith into smaller businesses leveraging shared knowledge and economies of scale·         They will have their own “products” – if you are being paid on performance, you may as well leverage that risk into your own products as well·         They will spread their work out globally both within and outside their groups – if you are working on performance, client conflict becomes less of an issue than ROI·         They will still value the big idea above all else – and rightly so
  • What the Agency of 2020 Looks Like

    1. 1. The Agency of 2020What marketing will look like in 10 years’ time* *The crackpot opinion of one agency boss
    2. 2. Let’s get to know each other
    3. 3. Digital has changed marketing.
    4. 4. Because digital is different
    5. 5. “...we have found that becausepeople spend microseconds beforethey make decisions on the internet,being plain spoken really works” @dlawee | David Lawee VP Corporate Development at Google
    6. 6. Consumers are in control
    7. 7. Digital is local…Just over 8 millionSouth Africans online
    8. 8. 11 million South Africanshave had an internetexperience on a mobilephone.
    9. 9. 6 586 260 Egyptians 3 799 340 South Africans 2 991 200 Nigerians 1 037 860 Kenyans
    10. 10. But above all, digital is NOT a channel.And that changes everything.
    11. 11. Digital fills every facet of our lives
    12. 12. What is the impact of all this on themarketing/advertising/communicationsindustry?
    13. 13. The biggest agencies 40 years ago
    14. 14. The biggest agencies 20 years ago
    15. 15. Then the web happened
    16. 16. The biggest agencies today
    17. 17. It took a external economic changeto achieve this
    18. 18. And now that digital is taking root in our lives,the change is happening faster
    19. 19. In developed economies, marketing spend ondigital is nearing 40%
    20. 20. SA is only about 4%, but growing fast
    21. 21. 4 actors in the marketing game
    22. 22. The Big Dogs
    23. 23. The Specialists
    24. 24. The New Kids on the Block: digital agencies
    25. 25. …and of course the beautiful, adventurous Clientwith their precioussssssss budget
    26. 26. Who, at the end of the day just wants one thing
    27. 27. Prediction:The term “digital agency” won’t exist in 2020
    28. 28. Agencies that aren’t digital will be dead
    29. 29. At the moment we’re all frenemies in thequest for the client
    30. 30. But the Big Dogs and the New Kids areon a collision course
    31. 31. With scale, resources and deep Clientrelationships, the Big Dogs definitelyhave the upper hand
    32. 32. The New Kids are small and learning asthey go, but they are native to this newmarketing paradigm.
    33. 33. Digital is in the way they think
    34. 34. The Big Dogs will build and mostly buy theirdigital competencies.
    35. 35. The New Kids will do the same from the otherdirection although they will mainly build.
    36. 36. Who will be the victor?
    37. 37. Can an immigrant become a native?
    38. 38. Can David beat Goliath?
    39. 39. It is not the strongest species that survive northe most intelligent, but ones most responsiveto change. Darwin
    40. 40. So what will the agency of 2020 look like?
    41. 41. They will work on performance
    42. 42. To get this right, they will be data driven
    43. 43. They will look at creativity differently Tech Idea Aesthetics
    44. 44. The agency of 2020 will understand how tocreate, curate and communicate content
    45. 45. Because through brand platforms, theirclients will increasingly become publishers
    46. 46. 3 types of media PAID EARNED OWNED Adverts in: • Word of mouth • Your website • TV • PR • Your Facebook • Print • Online mentions page • Radio • Fan content on • Your Twitter • Online your Facebook stream • Outdoor page • Your database • Brand mentions • Your physical Sponsorships on twitter store • Your events • Your brochures
    47. 47. Reach vs. Control REACH EARNED OWNED PAID FOR CONTROL
    49. 49. With technology as the enabler to this type ofcreativity, the agency of 2020 will have aClient facing Chief Technology Officer
    50. 50. The successful agencies of 2020 willbe big and genuinely 360
    51. 51. Just like today and just like in 1971
    52. 52. They will do a lot more production in house
    53. 53. But they will spread their workload globallyboth within and outside their groups
    54. 54. They will tap into the crowd where necessary
    55. 55. They will be organised by client not by discipline
    56. 56. Client Group (Family) Client Need / Requirements Client Services Brand Custodians Brief – 12 hours THINK CREATE ENGAGE OPTIMISE Name/ Name/ Name/ Name/ Surname Surname Surname Surname Project Creative Brief Management Brand Teams Project Management Project Management Project ManagementIdeation THINK CREATE ENGAGE OPTIMISE Name/ Name/ Name/ Name/ Surname Surname Surname Surname KICK OFF KICK OFF KICK OFFProduction Name/ Name/ Name/ Name/ Surname Surname Surname Surname Account Management Account Management Account Management Deployment Sign Off
    57. 57. They will have their own “products”
    58. 58. And most importantly…
    59. 59. They will still valuethe BIG IDEA above all else
    60. 60. Thank youwww.quirk.biz/heavychef