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Extreme sports

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Extreme sports

  1. 1. Extreme sports Quim Puiggalí and David Torres
  2. 2. • The most important extreme sport• Competition• BMX• Wingsuit flying
  3. 3. What’re extreme sports?• Extreme sport is..• These activities..
  4. 4. Origin• The origin of extreme sport..• The first person..• “ There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest merely games”
  5. 5. The first concentration• Clifton Suspension Bridge• Where…• The organizer…
  6. 6. Examples• Aggressive inline skating• Auto racing• BMX• BASE jumping• Surfing
  7. 7. X Games• The X Games…• It compile a lot of…• The broadcaster ESPN• 1995 in the Rhode Island.
  8. 8. BMX
  9. 9. What’s BMX?• BMX is the..• BMX is the sport..
  10. 10. History• BMX began in in 1970s..• BMX inspired…
  11. 11. Bikes BMX• The bikes are small..
  12. 12. Trick BMX• BMX has got different tricks, for example:• Bunny Hop• Fakie• Manual• No-hander
  13. 13. Bunny Hop
  14. 14. Fakie
  15. 15. Manual
  16. 16. No- Hander
  17. 17. Wingsuit flying• Wingsuit flying is the…• Wingsuit adds…• A Wingsuit flight normally
  18. 18. History• The first Wingsuit…• This suits…• Between 1930 and 1961…• In 1990, Gayardon fabricated…
  19. 19. Developments• BirdMan’s Classic was…• Wingpack is…• Consist of a strap-on• The wingpack permits….
  20. 20. Records• The greatest distance flown 28km• The longest wingsuit flight 9 minuts• The highest altitude wingsuit jump 12km
  21. 21. Thank you for your attention

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