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  1. 1. Quilts for Sale Quilts: The Perfect Gifts! Quilts for Your best online sourcefor buying and selling quilts.
  2. 2. Examples of Wall Art Quilts For Home & Office
  3. 3. Baby Quilt ExamplesDestined to Become Family Heirlooms
  4. 4. Deal Directly with the Quilter Examples of Table Quilts
  5. 5. Choose from 125 + Quilters and 625+ Quilts Examples of Bed Quilts
  6. 6. Order from the Comfort of Home Examples of Lap/Throw Quilts
  7. 7. Personal Attention from Quilters & Site Owner Examples of Embroidered Quilts
  8. 8. Cant Find What You Want? Commission a Quilt!1.View our list of quilters who accept commissions.2.Visit their pages to see samples of their quilts.3.Email those who appeal to you. Discuss your needs. Inquire about prices.4.Choose the quilter who most appeals to you.5.Place your order.6.Its that simple!
  9. 9. Quilts for Sale Since 2005 Quilts add warmth and beauty to our homes and offices. Quilts make wonderful, treasured, lasting gifts fo yourself, your family, and your friends. Perfect for gift-giving occasions: birthdays, graduation, showers, anniversaries, weddings. Visit us at Quilts for to meet our quilters and view our quilts. Questions? Email us at