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Nascar vs. IndyCar Infographic Quicken Loans Zing Blog


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Maybe you saw the first infographic we created just a few months ago? NASCAR 101 was your chance to get the basics about NASCAR and stock car racing!

Now, take a look at our newest infographic, NASCAR vs IndyCar!

They’ve both got four wheels and a steering wheel, but that’s where the similarities end.

Get ready for a bunch of great contrasts and comparisons between two great motorsports with intense fan bases. Maybe this will help you finally decide once and for all which one reigns supreme in your household? Maybe this will give you the opportunity to see what all the fuss is about that “other” motorsport you don’t watch? Maybe it’s just an awesome infographic that you’ll want to share with all your friends?

Either way, we’re proud to be involved in motorsports and will continue to do our best to bring you exciting insider content every chance we get!

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