#DevLearn 2011: some snaps


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Pictures from #DevLearn 2011 trade show floor.

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#DevLearn 2011: some snaps

  1. 1. DevLearn 2011:Some SnapsBrought toyou by
  2. 2. This year‟s show went by soquickly, there wasn‟t time tosee it all, but here are a fewmoments to share.
  3. 3. This year (and next, as itworked!), the desert city ofLos Vegas was the venue forDevLearn.
  4. 4. Or just a littlewackiness that is the city...
  5. 5. The Expo floor was where we reallywent to be...
  6. 6. Where you could meet your friendly eLearningcelebs, like Terrence Wing (on left).
  7. 7. We enjoyed a visit with do-gooders Martin Bakerfrom Charity Learning Consortium and Eric Berg ofLINGOs (here with Alfredo Leone of QuickLessons).
  8. 8. Other “celebs” were inhouse...like Bill Brandon,somewhere...
  9. 9. The eLearning Guild was ready to takepeople to the next level of involvement.
  10. 10. As was ASTD...
  11. 11. Love „em or hate„em, the LMS is aforce to reckonwith…
  12. 12. It wouldn‟t be completewithout the Bro‟s (they seem tobe expanding!)
  13. 13. Clarity Consultants were constantlysmiling faces seen everywhere...
  14. 14. Yukon Group staff were alsoall smiles.
  15. 15. Pigs call to oursecond nature(!)...and charmedthe imagination atboth Yukon andForge FX.
  16. 16. Creative talentcould turn anyitem into ananimal ofchoice…here anelephant was therequest.
  17. 17. Text to speech continues toemerge…
  18. 18. Sound80 was on hand to ensurethe voice of learning is heard(giving away kettle corn as a light snack)
  19. 19. Still acovetedgive-away...the iPad(at mimeo)
  20. 20. But sweets hit the mark as a runnerup...these cute licorice Scotties graced SH!FT‟selegant green and black booth and oh, no,Tasty-Kake at Brookwood‟s. Ah well, hit the gymback home.
  21. 21. Making versatile use of a zebra-themed scarf give-away at Zebra-Zapps
  22. 22. Men in black wasthe fashion mode,as seen by newexhibitor, anewspring,with Martén de Prezmodeling (note: Italianleather shoes complete thelook)
  23. 23. A wee learnerbrought smilesto booth staffaround thefloor, withcontagiousenthusiasm.
  24. 24. There was a new game in town:DevLearn bingo of a sort...
  25. 25. Marketing messages play on gut-responses: cut travel pain, feelsecure, deliver content now!
  26. 26. Articulate hadcute little guys(as well asaffable regular-sized humans).
  27. 27. Some people just know how to have fun
  28. 28. Friendly eLearning colleagues atSmartBuilder were neighbors again...
  29. 29. No matter what the activity at thebooth, it was about service with a smile.
  30. 30. As always at DevLearn books were available toaugment learning, with the unflagging staff
  31. 31. Featuredtitles focused on makingyour graphics sing...
  32. 32. Jane Bozath fare:
  33. 33. The theme of mobile learner isde rigueur.
  34. 34. Clever covers (napkin & duct tape)convey making ideas sell:
  35. 35. Talent management is anothertheme, as books on outsourcing andemployee retention illustrate.
  36. 36. Two books show signs of thetimes...Web inundation and Social’shere to stay!
  37. 37. And just seconds from the Expo floora plethora of concurrent learningsessions to fuel the educational fires:
  38. 38. The bottom line...LEARNING.
  39. 39. Until next year!