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How to carry out fire risk assessments


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How to carry out fire risk assessments - what you need to do from a legal point of view and how to identify fire hazards.

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How to carry out fire risk assessments

  1. 1. FIRE RISK ASSESSMENTS & How to carry them out effectively
  2. 2. Keep a written record of your fire risk assessment if your business has five or more employees 1. FIRE SAFETY IN THE WORKPLACE
  3. 3. ● Identify the fire hazards ● Identify people at risk ● Evaluate, remove or reduce risks ● Record your findings, sort out your emergency plan & provide training ● Review & update regularly2. CARRYING OUT THE ASSESSMENT
  4. 4. Think about: ❖ Emergency routes & exits ❖ Fire detection & warning systems ❖ Fire-fighting equipment ❖ Fire evacuation ❖ Vulnerable people ❖ Staff fire safety training3. WHAT TO CONSIDER FIRST
  5. 5. GENERAL FIRE PRECAUTIONS 1. Have a suitable fire detection & warning system, capable of warning people in all circumstances. 2. Have multi-purpose fire extinguishers with a guaranteed shelf life. One extinguisher for every 200 square metres of floor space, and one on each floor. 3. More than one escape route from all parts of the premises where possible. 4. Keep stairways, corridors & escape routes clear of obstructions & combustible materials. 5. Ensure fire exit doors do not require a key. 6. Fit emergency lighting. 7. Set up fire safety signs.
  6. 6. EQUIPMENT, DRILLS & TRAINING 1. Carry out regular checks on fire alarm systems & the emergency lighting. 2. Record any faults in the equipment and systems. 3. Check that fire escapes can be opened easily and automatic fire doors close correctly. 4. Train new members of staff as soon as they start work. 5. Inform all members of staff about any new fire risks immediately. 6. Carry out at least one fire drill a year and record the results. These must be kept as part of your fire safety and evacuation plan.
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