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Success story revcube


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Success story revcube

  1. 1. Revcube's Creative Manager Never Misses A Deadline With Help From Design2Web The FRS (Free Radical Scavengers) energy drink company, which is endorsed by Lance Armstrong, approached Revcube with a tremendous marketing campaign requirement. Revcube provides marketing and analysis solutions for companies with tight deadlines, coordinated with advertising campaigns costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Creative Manager was assigned this high-impact project to produce dozens of small Websites, banner advertisements and other creative partnerships. Michael Carboni, Creative Manager at Revcube, contacted Design2Web to see what they could do to help with Web development and their tight deadlines. He figured a high-energy drink would need some high-energy help. Michael's team needed all the various advertising banners, Websites, and landing pages tested and finished in time for the advertising campaigns to begin. A missed deadline could mean tremendous losses for FRS, and increased liability for Revcube. Michael Carboni's in-house creative team includes four Visual Designers and one busy Web Developer, Dylan, in charge of their automated, real-time, cross-channel optimization platform. Revcube’s complex Web marketing platform requires a lot of proprietary coding that few understand. This requires all of Dylan’s attention. Revcube relies entirely on freelancers to code all their Web designs, and then they provide them to Dylan as quickly as possible for integration. The XHTML and CSS Dylan uses must be easy to read, and quick to apply to each programmed marketing campaign. Dylan said, "I spent a lot of time working with many other freelance Web developers, trying to figure out how they coded a new Web page for us. This really complicated things." He also said that each Website was coded subjectively by most freelancers, without any standard Web framework to follow. Design2Web delivered all the code in the sequence requested, and on time. Dylan said, "Design2Web's XHTML and CSS framework fits like a glove with our system." Dylan says he can program everything on time, and this makes Michael very happy. Design2Web provides standards-based XHTML and CSS that's W3C valid, and consistent with the framework Dylan is familiar with to integrate with the Revcube marketing platform. "Design2Web has been an extremely dependable source of high-quality, lightweight and cross- browser compatible code that shines even under the tightest of deadlines. With Design2Web, the development phase of a project is always the smoothest part," said Michael Carboni, Creative Manager at Revcube Marketing. Design2Web, LLC 3993 24th Street, Suite C San Francisco, CA 94114 Phone: (800) 555-1212 Online: Email: