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Expedia Corporate Travel Lands In China
With Help From Design2Web
When was built a year ago, none...
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Success story expedia corporate travel


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Success story expedia corporate travel

  1. 1. Expedia Corporate Travel Lands In China With Help From Design2Web When was built a year ago, none at Expedia Corporate Travel thought they’d be re-programming for Mandarin Chinese anytime soon. Business was going very well in the United States, and then China’s need for on-demand travel management solutions for businesses became a priority. The Website looked great for the English language; however, they encountered some problems when attempting to localize the Website for Mandarin Chinese. Mark Hoben, Senor Visual Designer (and sometimes Web Developer) for Expedia Corporate, tried pasting the Unicode Mandarin Chinese characters into the HTML. It seemed like a straightforward plan to replace the English text with translations in Chinese. “I noticed that the Website was coded to work specifically for a certain amount of English text. The Chinese characters were bigger, and the space allowed was insufficient in the table-based HTML structure. The ‘boxes’ just weren’t flexible enough, and our Website design broke.” He told Design2Web that their full-time Web Developer was no longer with the company, so there was nobody available to help in-house. Unfortunately, tables-based HTML was insufficient to localize their Websites because the format wouldn’t line-up, and the designs would look broken. Design2Web proposed to take the original design for their Website and convert it into a standards-compliant format without tables. This would allow for the Chinese characters to fit any design. Standards-compliant XHTML and CSS would allow them to manipulate the presentation elements, regardless of visual layout, and Chinese characters would flow as freely as necessary. “Once the Website was converted, we were then able to work with translation services to apply all the Chinese characters without the design breaking,” said Mark. Because Design2Web separated presentation from content, the content was easy to maintain and change. Mark estimates that it would probably have taken two or three times as long to reproduce the Website into Chinese on their own. Expedia Corporate Travel is now considering Korean, and is ready for any other language they want to localize the Website for. Design2Web, LLC 3993 24th Street, Suite C San Francisco, CA 94114 Phone: (800) 555-1212 Online: Email: