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Press release genotropica

  1. 1. Genotropica Software 123 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94111 Contact: Kevin Davison Phone: (415) 279-7764 Public Relations E-mail: For immediate release SCIENTISTS FIND FASTER WAYS TO UNCOVER GENETIC SOLUTIONS USING NEW GENOTROPICA SOFTWARE San Francisco, CA – March 12, 2008 —Genotropica Software today releases its new Visual Genome 2.0, an advanced visual tool scientists use to find correlations, and possible solutions to crucial genetic questions. Biologists and Geneticists can use this tool to discover solutions to ultimately cure disease, and decode complex genetic structure. This powerful new analysis and visualization tool imports genetic data from any source, and answers the evolving needs of thousands of biologists who used the first version. Genotropica Software is an intuitive and visually interactive genetic mapping and DNA microarray annotation software application for advanced biotech research. Visual Genome 2.0 follows established standards for microarray analysis and utilizes real-time data on-line with intelligent filters to present impeccable results for biotech. Blast scores are now even more precise, and Visual Genome 2.0 detects protein sequences 10x faster when compared to existing microarray chip definitions. Results are graphically rendered in high-definition, 100 times faster, and the exploration of gene ontologies are visually classified according to their function and localization. Biologists who volunteered to beta test found Visual Genome 2.0 extremely useful in data mining protein sequences for potential drug targets, and ultimately, to help discover cures – more –
  2. 2. Genotropica, Add 1 for diseses. All the known positions of proteins may be graphed against each other to find possible correlations eaiser. Genentech has used Visual Genome 1.0, and tried 2.0 recently. “We are very impressed with the accuracy it provides in determining correlations visually. We’ve seen vast improvements in our research because of it,” says Andrea Cochran, Senior Scientist at Genentech. Data mining experiments are now much easier to explore genetic correlations in Visual Genome 2.0 with high-definition Venn diagrams. Real-time, on-line data sources of Prokaryotic, Eukaryotic or combined Prokaryotic/Eurkaryotic information can also be utilized to help complete annotations in progress. New three-dimensional plotting methods also help biologists immerse themselves in the data and interact virtually, revealing new helpful perspectives. Visual Genome 2.0 now installs on any UNIX or Windows system with 500 MB RAM, and 200 MB free disk space. Although network access is not required, it is recommended to take advantage of the on-line community forum. To download and evaluate Visual Genome 2.0 for thirty days, visit or call 1 (800) 555-1212 to request a free demonstration CD. Genotropica Software develops visually interactive scientific applications for genetic mapping and DNA microarray annotation in San Francisco, CA. Operating since 1992, our teams of engineers work closely alongside real biologists, learning first-hand how to develop useful software to use for biotech research. Their mission is to greatly reduce the time it takes to generate quantifiable discovery results for drug testing and FDA approval. Our national headquarters is located at 123 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94111, and find us online at – 30 –