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Brochure geneco

  1. 1. GeneCo Opportunities About GeneCo GeneCo Facilities GeneCo offers tremendous opportunity GeneCo has been cooperating directly GeneCo’s facilities are centrally located for excited, new graduates ready to with companies like Genentech and in Palo Alto near many shopping centers start rewarding careers with genetic Monsanto since 2002. Established to and dozens of restaurants. The facility research. relieve these companies during the itself is part of a “green” establishment Human Genome Project (HGP), we to reduce waste, along with four other We’re seeking inspired employees with now continue as a profitable genetic biotechnology companies nearby. an entrepreneurial spirit, ready to match research facility. our own dedication to make a difference GeneCo’s employee services include in the world. Our own advancements in these some of the following: technologies helped the industry Are you ready to make a difference in produce accelerated results, • Day care providers in cooperation one of these career opportunities? directly facilitating the with four other companies, staffed Research Associates Utility Plant Operators completion of the HGP. with certified caregivers. Research Pathologists Marketing Personnel • 24-hour fit-lite, so you can workout Research Scientists Programmers GeneCo has proven anytime. to be integral, and • Security personnel monitoring Research Assistants Business Managers essential to the the facility around the clock, with Systems Architects Technical Writers entire genetics personal escorts to your car or public Associate Scientists industry. transportation. How To Apply Our employees experience a true open- Please email your resume as a Word Our Philosophy door policy, where offices are equally document to Diversity is central to GeneCo’s values distributed throughout the facility. The and culture. We’re dedicated to a Research Director’s office is no larger Be sure to include a cover page and let work environment that includes as than anyone else’s. us know why you’d personally like to be diverse a culture and perspective as the part of the GeneCo team. patients we serve throughout the world. Everyone works together equally at Genetics is about diversity, and we GeneCo, and this environment has celebrate the variety we research and nurtured some incredible advancements share every day. in the field of genetic research. “If you’re seeking a rewarding and exciting company to begin your career in genetic research, GeneCo is the right place to start.” -Laura Stevenson, Research Director
  2. 2. Join The Researc h Team Conveniently Located Jason Wu joined GeneCo GeneCo is conveniently located only two years ago as our three blocks from BART, with plenty Research Assistant. He is of public transit connections nearby. now the Senior Research Parking is plentiful, and the commute is Scientist, working with a breeze. some of the latest Join Our Team technology and revealing tremendous results in the GeneCo 1234 Double Helix Dr. field of genetics. Jason just recently Palo Alto, CA 94043 had a baby girl with his wife, Vanessa. phone: 650.555.1235 After six weeks of paternity leave, he fax: 650.555.1236 is looking forward to working with someone like you. “It’s my pleasure to invite new graduates to join our company, and what an exciting time to Is GeneCo the be part of a genetic research Right Place to Start company like GeneCo!” -Jason Wu, Your Biotech Career? Senior Research Scientist Find out if GeneCo G eneCo is involved in some very exciting projects assisting companies like Genentech and is right for you... Monsanto to isolate genetic variations and work on cures for everything from cancer to AIDs. There are many career openings that may be just right for you. We’re ready for someone like you...