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Brochure design2 web


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Brochure design2 web

  1. 1. Experience The Freedom Design2Web is a San Francisco Bay Design2Web, LLC Design2Web Provides Area company, established in 2006. With Design2Web, the difference is Devin McCollam is the founder and absolute design and development Manager of Design2Web, LLC, which Got A Web Design has over 250 regular clients based in flexibility. Instead of having to re-code an entire Website when a simple the Bay Area. Ready, Without design change is requested, the code A Web Developer can remain the same. The Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce have no To Finish? With standards-based, W3C-compliant registered complaints for Design2Web, XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup and Yelp rates them as a five-star Language) and CSS (Cascading Style company. Sheets, presentation is separate from the code. This makes it simple to make "Design2Web fulfills a ‘niche’ Web changes that don’t require starting development service missing from from scratch. many companies in need of publishing fresh content quickly, at affordable Tables-based HTML traps your Web rates." designs into a bunch of boxes that can’t be altered easily. One simple Mark Hoben, design change could require full re- Senior Visual Designer, development. Expedia Corporate Travel Standards-based XHTML and CSS don’t You Design. We Code. Done. lock Websites into a specific design that can’t be changed easily. While the Design2Web provides immediate XHTML remains the same, you can technical relief, and delivers quality alter Web designs and add content as Design2Web, LLC Website code on a deadline. much as you like. Learn how Design2Web can fulfill all Save time, money and creative your Web development resources with a Website that simply 123 24th Street, Suite C requirements today. provides the ongoing flexibility your San Francisco, CA 94114 business needs, with help from Design2Web. Phone: (800) 555-1212 Online: Email: (800) 555-1212
  2. 2. Design2Web Services The Design2Web Process Let Your Designers Our services let Designers spend less time 1. Provide your Web design as a Photoshop (PSD) file, Illustrator (AI), PNG with tedious code production, and to do Design what they do best. or JPG (high resolution). Please include any fonts used in your design as well. Let Design2Web show you how to save time Design2Web takes over the time- and money outsourcing standards-based consuming technical tasks that Visual XHTML & CSS development. Designers often undertake, so they can focus attention on other creative projects instead. Existing in-house Design2Web can code your designs into the following formats: Web developers aren’t distracted from higher technical priorities as well. • Web page templates and Websites Design2Web alleviates in-house • Landing pages for online campaigns Designers and Developers, so they can focus on bigger projects. • Blog formats, including Wordpress (Design provided by BEA) and MovableType Here’s what a few Design2Web clients have to say about our services. • Content Management Systems 2. Choose whether your Website design (CMS), including Drupal or Joomla should be coded as a template or a "Design2Web has been an extremely completely developed Website. • Forum systems, including vBulletin dependable source of high-quality, lightweight and cross-browser • Portfolio and Event pages 3. Provide us with your deadline. Web compatible code that shines even templates require three days, and • Website localization (into any under the tightest of deadlines. With Websites vary between 5 – 10 business language) Design2Web, the development phase days. of a project is always the smoothest part." 4. We’ll code and test it in major Web A few of our clients include: browsers, and then ask for feedback. Michael Carboni, Revcube Media, Inc. 5. All the XHTML/CSS and related images will be delivered to you, on your deadline. "Design2Web is a great service for Designers who don't like to code. They Design2Web, LLC provide solid code, with fast delivery 3993 24th Street, Suite C times, at competitive rates." San Francisco, CA 94114 Phone: (800) 555-1212 Alan Arnot, Online: Social Media, Inc. Email: