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Asterisk Call Center Solution QueueMetrics


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The Advanced Call Center Software Solution Suite.
Monitor everything in your Asterisk Call Center.
Measure your targets, conversion rates and agent activities.
Create accurate reports and statistics.
Set security and privacy on individual queues.
Support virtual and multi-tenant production environments.

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Asterisk Call Center Solution QueueMetrics

  1. 1. What is QueueMetrics? A complete call center monitoring and reporting tool - Turns your PBX into a full-featured call center - Works with any version of Asterisk ® ® © Loway 2014 ® ® ® ® 2
  2. 2. Try it free © Loway 2014 3
  3. 3. ® What is QueueMetrics? - Monitors inbound queues and outbound campaigns - Heavy-duty, industrial-grade solution - Deployed in hundreds of call centers worldwide - Web-based interface, no client installation required - Different storage and deployment models ® - Minimal Asterisk interactions leads to maximum overall availability © Loway 2014 4
  4. 4. ® How QueueMetrics works Flat-file storage PBX server - Simplest implementation PBX MySQL ® - Asterisk writes data to a log file ® - QueueMetrics reads it and produces all reports PERFECT SOLUTION for smaller or embedded call-centers © Loway 2014 5
  5. 5. ® How QueueMetrics works Database storage PBX server Reporting server PBX MySQL LOADER - Can be installed on separate server - Lightweight data loader process - Load is minimized on Asterisk® server PERFECT SOLUTION for mid-sized call centers (> 50 agents) © Loway 2014 6
  6. 6. How QueueMetrics works ® P B X 1 P B X 2 P B X 3 DB server ® Asterisk clusters Reporting server MySQL ® - The whole cluster of Asterisk servers is monitored as one large virtual call center - Excellent scalability and uptime PERFECT SOLUTION for large call centers (>100-150 agents) © Loway 2014 7
  7. 7. XML-RPC data source XML-RPC interface ® How QueueMetrics works - Feature included with all versions of QueueMetrics - Custom scripts - Wallboards - User triggers - User auth - Third party - Call recording ® - Can interface to custom 3rd party software and business system using a standard interface - Bindings available for all major programming and scripting languages - Ensures easy extension and easy interfacing to legacy systems © Loway 2014 8
  8. 8. Reporting World class reporting - Over 150 metrics computed - Taken and lost call metrics: length, wait times, distribution, SLA - Area code analysis - Agent session metrics, complete of ACD and non-ACD time - User-definable business metrics ® - Exported to Excel, XML, CSV and XML-RPC © Loway 2014 9
  9. 9. Reporting Handled calls ANSWERED CALLS Agents, wait times, lengths, stints SLA levels, queue positions LOST CALLS Wait time, initial and ending queue position Termination cause, SLA levels, DTMF digits …and many more… © Loway 2014 10
  10. 10. Reporting Call detail Extremely detailed answered call breakdown Extremely detailed unanswered call list Listen to recorded calls right from the browser You click here and start listening © Loway 2014 11
  11. 11. Reporting Call sources Call sources: area code breakdown of all traffic (including business results) Internal call routing: measure ACD attempts made to any agent © Loway 2014 12
  12. 12. Reporting Call time distribution Track answered calls, sales, agent schedule adherence, wait times, queue length © Loway 2014 13
  13. 13. Reporting Call time distribution Daily, day of the week, hourly (or fraction) breakdown © Loway 2014 14
  14. 14. Reporting Agent activity Track agent sessions and pauses Track activity per agent, queue and campaign Extensive session and pause detail © Loway 2014 15
  15. 15. Reporting Business metrics User-defined business goals Track billable versus nonbillable agent time Track sales and contacts Very detailed agent report © Loway 2014 16
  16. 16. Reporting Advanced filtering Filter by queue/campaign or set of queues/campaigns Filter by location, agent, period Excellent security system lets you decide who can access what data © Loway 2014 17
  17. 17. Real-time monitoring Real-time alarms Multiple user-definable alarm levels Alarms are set per queue Sounds can be played on given alarm levels © Loway 2014 18
  18. 18. Real-time monitoring Real-time interaction Supervisors can listen to live calls as they are being processed by an agent CLICK Live monitor through any PBX extension Supervisors remotely monitor live agent screens using a VNC client CLICK © Loway 2014 19
  19. 19. Real-time monitoring Visitors page Visitors can be given access ® to QueueMetrics from the Internet They can see a restricted subset of live monitoring and of the day’s metrics Excellent granularity of security model © Loway 2014 20
  20. 20. Real-time monitoring Wallboard Extensive real-time wallboard suitable for projectors or large screens Color alarms included Multiple wallboards can run at the same time showing different information Easy to create stand-alone wallboard systems with Linux © Loway 2014 21
  21. 21. Agents Agent’s page Agents can access a dedicated web interface Security model in place lets you define access grants Agents can work anywhere on the WAN © Loway 2014 22
  22. 22. Agents Agent’s page (2) Agents can see their recent call flow Agents can see their logon and pause status CLICK Agents can open external CRM applications passing along call data (IVR choices, caller ID, etc) © Loway 2014 23
  23. 23. Agents Login logoff pause Agents can login and logoff from web interface Agents can start/end pauses and enter custom-defined pause codes (e.g. lunch, back office, email, etc) © Loway 2014 24
  24. 24. Agents Call grading Agents can enter call status codes based on the call outcome (e.g. Sale, Contact, Do not call, etc) © Loway 2014 25
  25. 25. Key facts -Monitors up to 500 live agents -Unlimited number of queues and campaigns -Heavy duty application with proven track record -Supports multi-tenant and virtual call centers -Available in multiple languages © Loway 2014 26
  26. 26. About us Advanced Call Center Software Solutions for the Asterisk PBX. Since 2004, Loway is leading the way in development of advanced software solutions for the Asterisk PBX. With QueueMetrics we set up modern standards for call center performance measurement. WombatDialer is a flexible, easy to use outbound dialing platform. Our Mission is to put Swiss passion for precision and reliability at your service. At Loway: our way is your way. © Loway 2014 27
  27. 27. Connect with us • Facebook: • Twitter: • Linkedin: • Slideshare: • Pinterest: • Google+: • Forum: © Loway 2014 28
  28. 28. Try QueueMetrics for Free © Loway 2014 29
  29. 29. Thanks for choosing QueueMetrics © Loway 2014 30