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Prevent Cheating and Ensure Test Security


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he security of test results is crucial to the validity of test scores. Check out 9 tips to prevent cheating and ensure test security in this infographic.

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Prevent Cheating and Ensure Test Security

  1. 1. Prevent Cheating and Ensure Test Security Cheating continues to rise dramatically. While about 20 percent of students admitted to cheating in high school during the 1940's, today the figure is between 75 and 98 percent! Some 75 to 98 percent of students surveyed each year admit to cheating at some time in their academic careers. The rise in cheating over the years. 9 Tips Administer Screening Tests A brief pre-screening can prevent people taking an exam for which they are not yet prepared. Include Candidate Agreements According to research, students at colleges with honour codes cheat less than their counterparts elsewhere. Use question-by-question formats Presenting questions one at a time limits the amount of exam content exposed on screen. Screen Perfect Scores Using reports such as the score list report highlights participants who achieve perfect scores. Review Time To Finish Info Inform participants of cheater prevention tactics The overall time taken to complete an assessment can be a useful way to screen for suspicious behaviour. Posting information that cheater prevention tactics are used, can help deter the low motivation cheaters. Implement a good seating plan Use seating arrangements where participants are equally spaced, with limited ability to see another person’s screen. Include open-ended questions Constructed response questions provide less opportunity to cheat as they require unique answers. Copyright © 1995-2014 Questionmark Corporation and / or Questionmark Computing Limited, known collectively as Questionmark. All rights reserved. Questionmark is a registered trademark of Questionmark Computing Limited. All other trademarks are acknowledged. Verify IP Address If assessments are to be taken from a specific location, the IP address will show whether participants took an assessment from an unauthorised location. Get free whitepapers at: