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EATP- Using a blended delivery model to drive strategic success for SAP certification


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EATP- Using a blended delivery model to drive strategic success for SAP certification

  1. 1. Using a blended test deliverymodel to drive strategicsuccess for SAP certification
  2. 2. Speakerso Susan Martin • SAP • susan.martin@sap.como Ralf Kirchgaessner • SAP • ralf.kirchgaessner@sap.como John Kleeman • Questionmark •
  3. 3. Objectives1. Learn about SAP’s global, multilingual certification program2. Appreciate challenges of administering a truly global IT certification program3. Grasp practical issues and benefits in implementing blended delivery in certification
  4. 4. Agendao Introductiono SAP Certification Business Valueo Details about current SAP certification Program and its 2 Delivery Channelso What do we want to achieve with an integrated channel?o Blended delivery possibilitieso Questions
  5. 5. SAP at a glance: businessoverview SAP at a glance: business overview SAP is the world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and software-related service revenue. Based on market capitalization, we are the world’s third largest independent software manufacturer. ---------------------------------------- More than 183,000 customers in 130+ countries. More than 55,765 employees in 130+ countries. --------------------------------------- A 40-year history of innovation and growth. -------------------------------------- Annual revenue (IFRS) of € 14,23 billion. ------------------------------------- Listed under the symbol "SAP" on stock exchanges, including the Frankfurt Exchange and NYSE.
  6. 6. SAP Education 29,000+ trainings 350,000 delivered to partner 400+ virtual, live, people certified classroom titles In consultants 300,000 9 languages individuals trained annually 2,200+ partner Training provided companies engaged in Leader in Worldwide IT in 40 countries training & certification Training & Education* of their staff 600+ courses available Up to 440 events per 55,000+ people trained week delivered via cloud ~420 via eLearnings & eAcademies infrastructure eLearning/eAcademy* Source: IDC MarketScape: Worldwide IT Education & Training 2012 Vendor titles availableAnalysis
  7. 7. SAP Education Continuous Evolution of Our Offerings SAP Education – Social Learning SAP Education – Mobile Learning SAP Workforce Performance Builder SAP Learning Hub SAP Innovation Curriculum (HANA, Mobility) Flexible Online Learning Traditional Classroom Training2010 & 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015Before Traditional Flexible & Innovative Mobile & Social
  8. 8. SAP Education’s Certification Program  Role-based  Certifications specific not only to a particular solution but to the type of individual certified andCertification Program their job tasks  Multi-level  Designed to stratify the skills assessment and provide certification to various levels of practitioner  Focus on plan – build – run  Practical, functional assessments  Flexible delivery  Ensuring exams are available to all regardless of geographic constraints
  9. 9. SAP‘s Global Certification Program Consultant Certification Creati Administration on Established 1995 Certification # diff. Tests > 100 in up to 20 lang. Delivery Quality# Candidates / assurance ~ 50,000year Results- Reporting management Proctored (SAP & 2 Channels VUE) 200 + WTS + onsite # Locations + 4000 VUE
  10. 10. Selection & Implementationof QuestionmarkEnable effectively the requirements for the newCertification Program of SAP Education Services,including:o Certification Infrastructure evaluation and implementation, incl. interfaces into existing SAP infrastructureo Evaluation and definition of changes in Production Processes for certificationso Implementation of new Delivery Processes and Operations Modelo Migration / transformation scripts for existing tests, and test itemso Phased implementation, including infrastructure rollout, and training of proctors in SAP subsidiaries, Customer Sites and / or Educational Partners
  11. 11. High-Level Overview
  12. 12. Multilingual Program LanguagesGlobal Program with up to 20 languages en-US de-DEEsp. important for Midmarket es-ES pt-BR ja-JPSAP Language Services translates TMS projects ru-RUChallenge: Transfering test content in multi languages
  13. 13. Two Delivery Channels
  14. 14. VUE Delivery Channelo Reasons • Coverage, e.g. North America, ANZ • Flexible Education Delivery Models (E-Academies) • Midmarket Audienceo Tasks • Content Handover • Client Review • Results Upload • Fulfillment with External Vendoro Challenges • Publishing Costs • Time to market • Translation
  15. 15. Intranet & WTS Internet F I R Scheduling Certificate Email to Participants E SAP Training Locations (Internal) Issuance confirming successful W registration A L L Results SAP LSO Event Booking and Scheduling Results in Excel Certification Issuing QM Authoring Managers file format Results Scheduling Logon details sent Certificate Content Authoring System Production System to Participants & Issuance Proctors Application Application F I R Pearson VUE E W Database Database A Data L Migration/Transf Assessment, Participant, Assessment, Participant, L ormation to Scheduling and Results Scheduling and Results Assessments Pearson VUE format
  16. 16. Certification Delivery Matrix Event-Based Certification Individual Certification SAP Training Center Customer/ Pearson Vue Test Center Partner LocationTarget Audience: Cust Part Ind SAPC Cust Part Cust Part Ind SAPCProctoring SAP Proctor SAP Proctor onsite External ProctorOpportunity Costs- Travel Med* Med* Med* Low* Low Low Med Med Med Med- Time requiredFlexible Delivery Low Low Low Low Med Med High High High HighAvailability Scheduled event On request 10/5 *Opportunity costs are lower if exam taker attends training at SAP training center upfront
  17. 17. Future: QM@VUEo Integration and Harmonization of the 2 Delivery Channelso Idea is to connect out of Pearson VUE testing centers to SAP Questionmark Perception systems, instead of using the Pearson VUE Athena delivery engine. •@
  18. 18. Benefits Category Benefit Publishing Save costs Exams available at VUE in parallel to Time to market SAP, no delay anymore Reporting / Easier / faster result importResultmanagement Combinded item statistics possible User Experience Same UI for participants Exams available in all languages at Translation once Increased volume in regionsMarket Penetration due to more languages
  19. 19. Blended delivery andcertificationo A Questionmark view
  20. 20. Key Threats to be Addressed in High-stakes Exam DeliveryImpersonation Content Theft Cheating
  21. 21. Threat Level in Higher Stakes Short Term with Low Trust Relationships Higher threats require more “Oversight” and Public so cost more Pre- Certifications employment Large Programs & Licensing Small Program Lower threats Sales and require less Regulatory Technical “Oversight” Compliance Channeland so cost less Verification to administer Long Term with High Trust Relationships
  22. 22. Higher stakes, more monitoringLevels of Monitoring High Medium Stakes Stakes Exams Low Exams Stakes Tests Diagnostic Tests Formative Quizzes Stakes of Assessment Course Evaluations
  23. 23. Monitoring TestsSecurely
  24. 24. Test publisher challenge1. I need to deliver on multiple platforms • Third party test centers • Video monitoring • In own training centers and offices • Mobile test centers • Web-based testing2. I don’t want to author, review & translate separately for each platform3. I need results amalgamated
  25. 25. Questionmark Blended DeliveryAuthor once SME Deliver to any device in context Windows based Authoring ManagerAvailable SecurelySingle results set
  26. 26. Same assessment, different delivery methods Embedded in Wikis, Windows / CD Social Networking Platforms Blogs, and Web pagesPrinting and Scanning Secure Browser Web Browser Questionmark to Go LMS Integration Mobile Devices Test Centers
  27. 27. Bricks and mortar test center Questionmark integrates with regional and global test center operators Assessment scheduled via • Either/or o Test center provider o Questionmark Assessment delivered by • Browser at test center • connected to Questionmark data center Results combined with results from other delivery
  28. 28. Video Monitoring “Online monitoring of exams is coming of age as higher internet speeds enable this technology” • Eric Shepherd, Questionmark CEO Questionmark offers video monitoring with ProctorU
  29. 29. Mobile test centers Deliver certification exams at a conference or trade show • Mobile devices • Portable PCs Assessments “on location”
  30. 30. Key concepts Author once, deliver anywhere A new delivery channel just needs a new “driver” SAP likely to take advantage of these capabilities to improve programme
  31. 31. Questions
  32. 32. Thank You!Please Complete Your Evaluation and Hand to the Session Coordinator.