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Unlocking the value_of_your_application_content

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Unlocking the value_of_your_application_content

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>Unlocking the Value of Your ApplicationContent
  2. 2. Agenda• What Are Enterprise Applications?• Content Integration Benefits• Oracle’s Integrations• Your Enterprise Strategy• Example Customers• Q&A
  3. 3. Enterprise Applications Defined • Financials • Accounts Payable/Receivable, Expense Management, Controls/Auditing • Enterprise Resource Planning • Inventory, Shipping, Pricing • Customer Relationship Management • Customer Database, Marketing Campaigns, Service Center • Human Capital Management • Recruiting, Timecards, Benefits, Payroll • Industry Specific • Banking, Construction, Healthcare, Life Sciences
  4. 4. Where Enterprise Apps Touch Content Financials HCM CRM Employee ServiceInvoices Records Agreements MarketingReceipts Payroll CampaignsPurchase Sales BenefitsOrders Contracts
  5. 5. The Costs of Content-Disabled Processes Enter InvoicesOpen Validate Route for Pay Invoice ReturnedMail Manually Against PO Approval Invoice to AP DAY 10 DAY 20 DAY 30+Result: Errors, Delays, Wasted Resources, Poor Visibility, Loss of Control
  6. 6. Content Integration Benefits
  7. 7. Content Integration Process Extract &Capture Store Access Route Index 0101 1010 0101 Scan Extract Central Complete Exceptioninvoices data image Entry Handling repository DAY 1 DAY 2-5 DAY 5-7 Decrease process costs Improve process visibility Strengthen financial controls
  8. 8. Content Management for Applications Key Benefits1 Accelerate business operations2 Increase worker & team productivity3 Better process insight & controls4 Reduce IT overhead & integration costs5 Reduce paper storage & shipping costs
  9. 9. Oracle Content Management for Applications Bridging gaps between systems No Check Provide Initiate Enter Items Creat Customer PaymentC Order & Prices e Info POR ? YesM Discount Credit Submit Requested Check Order • Store • Access & Share • Collaborate GAPS Check Price Credit Info Order MDM HubE in ERP from ERP FulfillmentR AuthorizeP Authorize Invoicing Payments Discounts
  10. 10. Oracle Content Management for ApplicationsWhat the experts are saying “Integrating ECM with enterprise apps provides key linkages in many of the business processes that call on information from numerous areas in an organization…. This information is then accessible to the person interacting with the customer and directly within the business process — and this is where users want to see it.” Use ECM to Fire Up Business Processes: Forrester Research
  11. 11. Oracle EnterpriseApplication DocumentsSolutions
  12. 12. Oracle Content Management for FinancialsE-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards
  13. 13. Oracle Content Management for HCMPeopleSoft, E-Business Suite
  14. 14. Oracle Content Management for CRMSiebel
  15. 15. Oracle Content Management for IndustriesPrimavera Project Management
  16. 16. Advanced Content Management Functionality Accessed within the business context of applications• Scan and capture documents• Automated data extraction• Check-in and attach content• Auto-convert to PDF, HTML, TIFF• View attachments and metadata• Edit documents using native apps• Annotate and mark-up images• Automatic versioning upon save• Update metadata• Invoke content-centric workflows• Publish content to web sites, portals• Access content via desktop integration
  17. 17. Your EnterpriseStrategy
  18. 18. Not All Integrations Are The SamePoint solutions fall short Financials HCM x IT CRM x Industry App x • HW & SW Costs x Siloed • Upgrade Costs x Proprietary • Labor Costs x Customized • Integration Costs
  19. 19. Oracle Content Management for ApplicationsOne platform content-enables all applications Financials IT HCM Industry App CRM CONTENT MANAGEMENT  Integrated • Lower Cost  Open • Less Complexity  Strategic • Future-ready
  20. 20. Your Enterprise Content StrategyExtend value to multiple applications while loweringTCO with a content management infrastructure. “With the ECM 11g release, Oracle can provide deeper integration of content management with its applications.... organizations benefit tremendously from centralizing their enterprise content, and moving it out of application-specific silos.” - IDC
  21. 21. CustomerExamples
  22. 22. Moody’s• Customer Challenges: • Closing financials each month required overseas divisions to mail general ledgers from different systems to HQ • Receipts and invoices were sent in hard copy and not attached to ledger entries• Solution with Oracle: • PeopleSoft to provide a single ledger system across entire organization • Oracle ECM to attach to ledger entries and to enable fast processing invoices & expense report receipts• Customer Benefits: • Cut time to close books 50% • Transparency
  23. 23. Cox Communications• Customer Challenges: • Spending $5.8M for invoice processing; $3.5M above avg. • Too many small transactions (most <$1000) from too many vendors (approx. 4,000) • Processing time/cost expense reports was too high (8,000 employees submitting 80,000 paper reports)• Solution with Oracle: • Oracle ECM Suite to process invoices & expense report receipts• Customer Benefits: • Cut invoice and expense processing costs by 50% • Recognizes additional vendor discounts of $300K per year
  24. 24. Demo
  25. 25. Engage in the Conversations! Twitter: #WebCenter, #E20, #ECM, #Oracle Facebook: LinkedIn Oracle Enterprise 2.0 Group Oracle’s Enterprise 2.0 blog:
  26. 26. Get your Oracle Red Velvet Cupcake!
  27. 27. Oracle Track@info360 In Room 1544:20 Optimize Web Content Targeting Michelle Huff, Oracle Molly Wenzler, MeadWestvaco Learn how with Oracle’s revolutionary one-click web content management, in-context updates can be added to any web application by just dragging and dropping Oracle Content Management services into your application
  28. 28. Kindle Drawing • Win A Kindle! • Load your favorite book on your Kindle with an Amazon Gift Certificate!
  29. 29. Q&A


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