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Is pervasive governance_part_of_your_ecm_strategy

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Is pervasive governance_part_of_your_ecm_strategy

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>Is Pervasive Governance Part of Your ECM Strategy?Brian DirkingPrincipal Product Director
  2. 2. The following is intended to outline our generalproduct direction. It is intended for informationpurposes only, and may not be incorporated into anycontract. It is not a commitment to deliver anymaterial, code, or functionality, and should not berelied upon in making purchasing decisions.The development, release, and timing of anyfeatures or functionality described for Oracle’sproducts remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. 2
  3. 3. Agenda• The Goals Of Pervasive Governance <Insert Picture Here>• The Steps To Pervasive Governance• Land O’ Lakes – Monica Crocker, Corporate Records Manager 3
  4. 4. <Insert Picture Here>The Goals OfPervasive Governance 4
  5. 5. <Insert Picture Here> McKinsey Quarterly“…fully networked enterprises are not only morelikely to be market leaders or to be gaining marketshare but also use management practices that leadto margins higher than those of companies using theWeb in more limited ways…”
  6. 6. Not All Content Is Created Equal Attachments in enterprise apps, public Web sites, Value to # of High- policies & procedures, employee/customer Value content, intellectual property, financial stmts, users / Biz Content knowledgebase, corporate records, … organization Process-Centric AP/AR, expense receipts, contracts, Collaborative Content M&A info, loan/mortgage processing, applications, purchasing docs, …Volume ofcontent Informal project content, Ad-hoc Collaborative Content meeting minutes, group drafts, file shares, … Working drafts, notes Personal Content personal files, …
  7. 7. Pervasive Governance Goalsat Land O’ Lakes• Improving employee productivity by providing the information needed to complete tasks efficiently• Supporting better decision making by ensuring information used is current/up to date• Reducing the time spent recreating information that already exists• Enabling strategic thinking by providing all the information necessary to form a complete picture• Facilitating innovation by making related information available for staff to “pull” as they need it• Capturing the “corporate knowledge” when staff leave or retire• Fostering employee engagement by sharing corporate information
  8. 8. <Insert Picture Here>The Steps ToPervasive Governance 8
  9. 9. Enterprise Content Infrastructure Foundation for Content-Centric Business Solutions Marketing and Brand Management Web Presence Document & IP Management Employee Engineering Marketing Secure Deal On-boarding Collaboration HR Sales Enterprise Content ManagementPolicies & ContractProcedures Mgmt IT Legal HelpDesk Finance Regulatory Compliance Accounts Records Payable Claims Management Processing
  10. 10. Enterprise Content Infrastructure To Enable Pervasive Governance Content ReuseDeduplication Usage Tracking Engineering Marketing HR Sales Enterprise Content Management IT Legal Findability Finance Retention Security
  11. 11. Findability• Content that is not findable does not bring value to the organization• Furthermore, it can undermine value• Too much information on a share drive• Information locked on local hard drives
  12. 12. Security Enterprise Applications E-Mail Archives Database Legacy Applications File Servers Physical Content
  13. 13. Reusability Check No Initiate Enter Items Provide Customer Creat Order & Prices PaymentC Info eR PO ? YesM Discount Credit Submit Requested Check Order • Store • Access & Share • Collaborate GAPS Check Price Credit Info Order MDM HubE in ERP from ERP FulfillmentR AuthorizeP Authorize Invoicing Payments Discounts
  14. 14. Content in Context Raises Value • Immediate content access • From within existing business processes • Improves processing speed • Improves accuracy“If bad data impacts an operation only 5% of the time, it adds a staggering 45% to the cost of operations.”Thomas Redman – ”Data, An Unfolding Quality Disaster,” Information Management Magazine
  15. 15. Accessibility In The Social Enterprise• Incorporating content right into these systems• Enabling employees and customers to interact with content without being aware of the governance requirements
  16. 16. User Adoption• User adoption was always the problem• Now we have systems people are clamoring for access• 43% of companies bar access
  17. 17. Oracle ECM SuiteSingle Console for Governance Paper-Based Records In-Place Electronic Records • Collaborative Document Mgmt • File Shares • Imaging/Archiving • SharePoint • Web Content Management • ECM Repositories • Records Management • Email Archives • Information Rights Management Centralized Policy Management Universal Records Management WCM WebCenter Centralized Content Repository Oracle ECM Suite
  18. 18. Monica Crocker Corporate Records Manager Land O’ LakesPervasive Governance AtLand O’ Lakes
  19. 19. Land O’ Lakes: Before PervasiveGovernance• Email – Each user has 90 days/100 MB of email on line – Plus they store PST files to their C drive (see above) – Plus email archive stores everything kept on-line• Oracle UCM – Used like a network drive/folder – No separation of Intranet content from project/process content• Network drives – “Enterprise” drives contain 3 TB of data – Plus each user has an individual drive – And each user has a C drive that is backed up off site• No Enterprise Data Map/Records Inventory
  20. 20. Land O’ Lakes: Now• Email management policy will eliminate PSTs on C and keep all emails on line• New Oracle UCM/Document Management: – No intranet content – All content has an owner, a document date and a record category (at a minimum) – Information architecture in place that follows a FUNCTIONAL taxonomy• SharePoint 2010 – All content has an owner, a document date and a record category (at a minimum) – Information architecture in place that follows a FUNCTIONAL taxonomy• Developing Enterprise Data Map/Records Inventory
  21. 21. Land O’ Lakes: Benefits• Content is easily put-able• Content is findable• Content is discoverable• Content is easily managed as per the retention schedule/records mgmt best practices• Trade secrets are appropriately protected• Data privacy regulations are followed
  22. 22. Land O’ Lakes After PervasiveGovernance• Enterprise Document Management and Collaboration – Follow the same basic taxonomy – Have similar governance• Add the following tools: – The Oracle connector for SharePoint – The Oracle URM product to manage content in UCM, SharePoint and network drives – Oracle Secure Enterprise Search to make it possible to find content based on standard taxonomy no matter where it resides – Easy to use content capture tool for users and batch processes• Complete and maintain Enterprise Data Map/Records Inventory; begin consolidation
  23. 23. <Insert Picture Here>SummaryPervasive Governance 23
  24. 24. Pervasive Governance Goals• Comprehensive• Easy to Use• Authoritative
  25. 25. Engage in the Conversations! Twitter: #WebCenter, #E20, #ECM, #Oracle Facebook: LinkedIn Oracle Enterprise 2.0 Group Oracle’s Enterprise 2.0 blog:
  26. 26. Oracle Track@info360 In Room 1542:40 10 Key Decisions: Your ECM Checklist Michelle Huff, Oracle Brian Skapura, American Institute of Architects Kathy Adams/Leslie Becker, The Nature Conservancy The top ten things you must consider to prepare for an enterprise content infrastructure3:30 Unlocking The Value of Your Application Content Stephen Schleifer and Brian Dirking, Oracle Learn how organizations are drastically cutting costs and raising productivity by making content available in enterprise applications4:20 Optimize Web Content Targeting Michelle Huff, Oracle Molly Wenzler, MeadWestvaco Learn how with Oracle’s revolutionary one-click web content management, in-context updates can be added to any web application by just dragging and dropping Oracle Content Management services into your application
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