Practicum guide words lesson plan


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This was my first lesson with the third grade at Fisher.

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Practicum guide words lesson plan

  1. 1. LESSON PLAN TEMPLATEYour name: Caitlin Bergan Cooperating teacher-librarian: Kelly FriedleinDate: April 7, 2010 School & City: Fisher Grade SchoolLesson Title: Guide WordsGrade level: 3rd Length of lesson: 30 minPurpose: (“why” of the lesson; where and how does it fit in the curriculum?)As the beginning of a unit on reference, the children will learn guide wordsLearning Outcome(s): (what will students be able to do/know by the end of the lesson?) Students will be able to understand and use guide words effectively to locateinformation in reference sources.Illinois Learning Standard(s) Addressed:1.A.2b Clarify word meaning using context clues and a variety of resources including glossaries, dictionaries andthesauruses5.B.1a Select and organize information from various sources for a specific purposeStandards for 21st Century Learner Addressed:1.1.2 Use prior and background knowledge as context for new learning.1.1.4 Find, evaluate, and select appropriate sources to answer questions.Materials: Needed by you: Needed by students: Post-it Notes Pencils Worksheet White Board and MarkersInstructional procedures: Focusing event: (how will you get the students’ attention?) Each student will get a sticky note and will put their first names on it. On the white board will be written the categories A-D; E-H; I-L; M-P; Q-T; U-Z. Students will be directed to put their note on the board. I will ask why students placed their names where they did. We will likely sort out that they were done by putting it under the range it would alphabetically fall. But are they in alphabetical order? One student from each table will be picked to put the names under each range in alphabetical order. Input from you: (what are you teaching & how are you delivering the content?) How is alphabetical order useful to us? It’s a way to organize information, and it’s really common in many sources. Many times, everything is in alphabetical order, but like the letters were our guides for our names, reference sources use guides so you can figure out if what you are looking for belongs on that page, or if it will come before or after. See how there are words listed at the top of the1/20/09G. Burch
  2. 2. dictionary pages? All the words on the page are between the two guide words. Let’s practice with a short worksheet – pretend the two underlined words are guide words. Would the words underneath be between those guide words? Guided practice: (application of knowledge by students) Work sheet Closure (how will you end the lesson?) Let’s go over the worksheet. Were there any that were really tricky?Check for understanding (what questions will you ask and when to determine students’understanding?)Why is having things in alphabetical order important? What does that order do for us?What’s next? (another related lesson, review, end of unit?)Reference resources and using a dictionary, part 2 – parts of a dictionary entry.1/20/09G. Burch