Practicum Dictionary Lesson Plan


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This was my second lesson with the third grade at Fisher.

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Practicum Dictionary Lesson Plan

  1. 1. LESSON PLAN TEMPLATEYour name: Caitlin Bergan Cooperating teacher-librarian: Kelly FriedleinDate: April 13, 2010 School & City: Fisher Grade SchoolLesson Title: DictionaryGrade level: 3rd Length of lesson: 30 minPurpose: (“why” of the lesson; where and how does it fit in the curriculum?)Students will learn how to get different kinds of information from a dictionary entry.Learning Outcome(s): (what will students be able to do/know by the end of the lesson?) Students will be able to look up words using guide words (review from last week), beable to identify different parts of a dictionary entry, and find the pieces of information thatyou need.Illinois Learning Standard(s) Addressed:1.A.2b Clarify word meaning using context clues and a variety of resources including glossaries, dictionaries andthesauruses5.B.1a Select and organize information from various sources for a specific purposeStandards for 21st Century Learner Addressed:1.1.2 Use prior and background knowledge as context for new learning.1.1.4 Find, evaluate, and select appropriate sources to answer questions.Materials: Needed by you: Needed by students: Set of Dictionaries Pencils Worksheet White Board and MarkersInstructional procedures: Focusing event: (how will you get the students’ attention?) As a quick review from last week, all students will be asked to look for the word “habitat” (a tie in from their science work). What are the guidewords? (H, haggler). What other kinds of information to we have about the word “habitat” from the entry? Input from you: (what are you teaching & how are you delivering the content?) Syllables – the word is divided into syllables by a small space in our dictionaries. Sometimes a raised dot or a dash in other dictionaries. Pronunciation – in parenthesis in our dictionary – it is not related to the spelling but how the word is usually said in American English. There is a guide to the symbols at the top right of every two pages. Definitions – it only has one definition for habitat – are there other words on the page that have more than one definition? How do they keep the definitions separate?
  2. 2. Example sentence – the dictionary will often show you the word in a sentence so you can see how it is used correctly. Part of speech – there is a little “n” at the end of the definition – what could that stand for? Can some words be more than one? Etymology – in brackets, this dictionary tells us something more. Does it does it do this for all the words on this page? Guided practice: (application of knowledge by students) You are going to work together at your table to investigate some words for me. You need to tell only the information asked for about each word your group is assigned. We will go over it together as a class so you can get the answers to the words your group does not get to. (Give each table 2 questions to work on and then come back together) Worksheet Closure (how will you end the lesson?)Let’s go over the worksheet together. Which ones were the most tricky.Check for understanding (what questions will you ask and when to determine students’understanding?)Review – How is the dictionary organized? How do we know if the word we want is on the page?What kinds of information can you learn from a dictionary? What is the most common reason thatyou think you would look for most often?What’s next? (another related lesson, review, end of unit?)Reference resources and using an encyclopedia.
  3. 3. Name: ____________________ Parts of a Dictionary Entrymistake What is the part of speech of mistake? ________________ How many definitions does the dictionary list for mistake? _________poor What are the guide words for the page that this word is on?______________ ______________ What does the dictionary tell you about where the word comes from?_________________________________________________________record What is the part of speech of record? ________________ How many definitions does the dictionary list for record? _________estimation How many syllables are there in estimation? _________ Copy the pronunciation guide for this word. ___________________hand What is the part of speech of hand? ________________ How many definitions does the dictionary list for hand? _________zenith What is the example sentence for this word?_________________________________________________________ Copy the pronunciation guide for this word. ___________________