Semi-Detached Script


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Semi-Detached Script

  1. 1. Semi-Detached ScriptTitles (titles running throughout)CU of Sue’s phone failing to send a message to MazySue puts phone down next to pills and picks up knife and starts chopping vegCU of tattooFades out to Scene 1Scene 1LS Motorbike pulls up outside and Mazy jumps off starting towards the houseTracking of Mazy walking into the houseMS SueSue: You’re late for tea; me and your dad have been waiting for you.MS Steve – rolling eyes/sympathyLS Mazy sitting down at tableLS Steve walking to counterCU Steve picking tablets upSteve: Have you took your meds today?CU Sue’s hand tightening on the knifeSue: I don’t need to take them, I’m fine.OTS of Steve backing awaySteve: Honey you do, you’re not very well.CU of Sue putting knife downMS of walking round to Steve whilst saying:Sue: I’m fine, promise.Gives Steve a hugSue: Go talk to Mazy whilst I finish tea.LS Steve stops in his tracksCU of Steve looking at Sue with an upset expression *FACEPALM*LS of Steve going to walking and sitting downCU of him picking up the diary and flicking through it.MS of Steve sat on the sofaSteve: Sue please come and sit down with me for a minute.CU of her putting the knife downMS of SueSue: Okay.Steve: Do you remember this?MS of Steve handing Sue her diary.EYE LINE MATCH of Sue beginning to read.Scene 2 FlashbackGRAPHIC MATCH from Sue reading the diary at home to her writing the entry inthe mental home OTS of Sue writing – sepia tonesSue (voiceover): Today has been hell! I don’t want to be here anymore, I justwant Mazy back, alive and healthy. I remember when we spent our Saturday’sshopping and having a laugh together.Scene 3 FlashbackFade in - sepia tones
  2. 2. LS of Mazy and Sue walking through townSue (voiceover): I miss those times just being able to spend quality time withmy one and only daughter.Scene 4 FlashbackFade in – sepia tonesMS of Mazy opening her 16th birthday presentsAs Mazy is unwrapping a presentSue (voiceover): Her birthdays were so special; I always remember her facewhen she opened that present on her 16th.Mazy: Oh my God! Thank you sooo much!Scene 5 FlashbackFade in – sepia tonesCU of Mazy dead on a road, bloody and mangledZOOMING OUTSue (voiceover): But now that’s all gone. It’s all been ripped away from me! Itfeels like my heart has been ripped out and someone has tried to put it back inbut it will never work properly again!Scene 6 FlashbackFade in –sepia tonesOTS Sue in Mental home scratching the words ‘I just can’t take it anymore’ into herdiarySue (voiceover): I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!TRACKING of the diary air bornCU of it hitting the wallCU of it landing with a bangScene 7XCU of Sue’s eyes back at home as she hears the bang in her head; her eyes areshocked and deranged ZOOMS OUT to LSSue: Steve I’m fine, I just don’t want to talk about it anymore.Sue gets up and chucks diary on the sofaMS of Steve and his reaction to thisSteve: Sue please just face the truth! You need to take your meds or else you’regoing to end up back in that hell hole and we both don’t want that. Whathappened to Mazy we can’t change so we just need to accept it and move on ashard as that seems.Sue: Please just go and set the table.CU Sue pushes three mats, three drink mats and three sets of knife and forktowards him. LS Steve reluctantly picks the pile up and walks away.Scene 8LS Steve is setting the dining table for three placesSteve (voiceover): I don’t understand why she can’t just accept that Mazy isdead. I have, I know it hurts but we need to just get on with life.CU of Steve placing the knife downCU of Sue cutting the final potato
  3. 3. CU of Steve placing the fork downCU of Sue wiping the knife cleanCU of Steve putting the spoon downEYELINE MATCH of Sue looking at the knife twiddling it with tattoo in shot and sheruns it across itCU of Sue’s sad and distressed faceLS of Steve finishing the table offCU Startled by a thud he turns his head towards the kitchenSteve: Sue? You okay?SilenceSteve: Sue!?CU of Steve putting the glass down in the wrong placeTRACKING from behind of him walking into the kitchenLS of Steve falling to his knees and you can’t see SueSteve: Noooooo Sue!OTS of Sue deadLS from the front of Steve collapsing on Sue’s legsTRACKING up to tattooCU of bloody tattooFades out