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Juno review

  1. 1. JunoBy Hannah Atkinson
  2. 2. Rotten Tomato - The reviewers in this case are the audience and 89% of them like Juno. 185 of the reviewers gave Reviews good reviews and only 13 gave a bad review. Rotten Tomato doesn’t just have the public reviewing the films they also have top critics giving their opinion. Rotten Tomato highlight who are the top critics by placing a gold lining around the speech cloud and having a gold star under their name.
  3. 3. The Guardian - ReviewPeter Bradshaw gives Juno“the fully clothed Ellen Page is pure cinematic Prozac”“Juno is a fiction with irresistible charm and wit and Pagecarries everything before her, creating a character with apowerful sense of right and wrong, an overwhelming beliefin monogamy, and a nascent talent for leadership.”The comments made by Bradshaw are all positive commentsand he shines a great light on Juno.
  4. 4. ViewLondon - ReviewReviewed by Matthew Turner “Engaging, frequently hilarious teen comedy with a terrific script, a wonderful cast and a delightful central performance from rising star“the witty script contains so Ellen Page.” many hilarious lines that youll find yourself stifling your laughter so as not to “Ellen Page is terrific as the sharp-witted miss the next one.” Juno, creating a character who is destined to adorn the bedroom walls of teenage geeks everywhere” “The film also manages toaddress the whole abortion vs adoption issue in a surprisingly mature way; the final scenes are surprisingly moving.”
  5. 5. BBC - Review "DARING AND DEVASTATINGLY FUNNY" Reviewed by Stella Papamichael “Still, whilst the gradual stripping down of each character is carefully done, the film isnt always credible. Junos father (JK Simmons) is too glib to be taken seriously and the ending comes wrapped in impossibly cute bows. Except for this self- conscious indie branding, Reitman has delivered a bundle of joy.” Reviewer Audiencegives 4 out gives 4 out of 5 stars of 5 stars
  6. 6. To what extent were the reviews based on audience expectations of: the narrative The film Juno is one of a kind. I have never seen a film like it before. It handles teenage life in a completely different light. However, the reviews didn’t really focus on the audiences expectations of the narrative the reviewers mainly focused on telling the reader what happens in the narrative.
  7. 7. To what extent were the reviews basedon audience expectations of: the genre It’s hard to place Juno into a genre as it is so unique but it is definitely a comedy. Audiences won’t have known what genre really to place it in but it will have definitely appealed to teens with its quirky ways and to adults with its comic ways.
  8. 8. To what extent were the reviews basedon audience expectations of: the stars The majority of the actors were low key actors who we hadn’t seen majorly on the big screen before. Ellen Page had stared in Hard Candy before Juno and Michael Cera stared in Superbad. The expectations weren’t that high for these actors since they hadn’t starred in many things before which gives them more leeway with the critics and reviewers.
  9. 9. To what extent were the reviews based on audience expectations of: the director. The director isn’t a very well known director so not many people will have seen his work before, however, he did blow us away with his creativity of the title sequence which seems to have impressed many critics.