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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. Genre exam question
  2. 2. Steve Neale
  3. 3.  By placing a film in a certain genre it is easier to pick out who the target audience is. It is convenient to categorise texts but they do this with a purpose to help everyone not just for their theory. I wouldn’t really say that they are infinite. They are there because they are needed.
  4. 4.  They change as new hybrid genres appear every now and again. The film Cowboy and Aliens merged the genres Sci-Fi and Western together for the first time.
  5. 5.  Loachs film work is characterised by aparticular view of realism; he strives in everyarea of filmmaking to emphasise genuine interplay betweenactors, to the point where some scenes in his films appearunscripted. All scenes are carefully scripted, around whichsome improvisation can occur. The final script and the finalfilm are actually very close. Loach values having astrong, creative partnership with scriptwriters, most recentlywith Paul Laverty, who has written nine feature films forLoach (including The Wind That Shakes The Barley andSweet Sixteen), and previously with Jim Allen (Land &Freedom) and Barry Hines (Kes).
  6. 6.  Leigh uses lengthy improvisationsdeveloped over a period of weeks to buildcharacters and storylines for his films. He startswith some sketch ideas of how he thinks thingsmight develop, but does not reveal all his intentions with the castwho discover their fate and act out their responses as their destiniesare gradually revealed. Initial preparation is in private with thedirector and then the actors are introduced to each other in theorder that their characters would have met in their lives. Intimatemoments are explored that will not even be referred to in the finalfilm to build insight and understanding of history, character andinner motivation. When an improvisation needs to be stopped, hesays to the actors: Come out of character, before they discusswhats happened or what might have happened in a situation.