Emo rock scene


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Emo rock scene

  1. 1. Emo/Rock Music Scene
  2. 2. Fall Out Boy
  3. 3. Fall Out Boy… Generally Fall Out Boy are seen as an emo band. However, really only Pete Wentz could be stereotyped as an emo. But the song lyrics and their style of album also suggests that they should be placed in the genre of emo. Each band member also has their own sense of style. Patrick Stump - When he was in Fall Out boy he had a very unique look of hats, side burns and shirts and ties. Nothing that would be the usual stereotype of an emo band. Pete Wentz - He dresses in the typical emo way of skinny jeans, hoodies, guyliner and short black hair. Joe Trohman - He doesn't follow the stereotypical emo dress code but he doesn't seem to follow anything else either. However, he doesn't have much of a unique style. Andy Hurley - Once again he doesn't follow the stereotypical emo dress code but his long hair and beard makes him seem slightly rocky. The photograph above shows off their attitude and personalities. Two of them are rather quiet and subdued which suggests that they would prefer to stay away from the lime light. Unlike the other two, who happen to be the front man and drummer, who seem to show more of their personality through on this photograph. The fact that Patrick (front man) and Pete are placed in the middle of the group suggests that they are more liked and known by their audience.
  4. 4. In this photograph it is made to look like Pete is the front man and not Patrick as Andy is also watching Pete which suggests that he looks up to him for leadership. Patrick and Pete are always in the middle and Joe and Andy are always, what seems like, sitting on the sidelines. Also Pete and Patrick always pose more than the other two like Pete is looking away in one direction which could just to be with showing his hair off and then Patrick is looking in another direction with a stance. The background of this can relate back to the time when they were part of the underground music circuit in Chicago before they became famous.
  5. 5. You Me At Six
  6. 6. You Me At Six… You Me At Six originally formed in 2004 but didn’t get the big break until 2007. Eventually they got to support big names such as Paramore and Fall Out Boy on some of their tours. Each band member seems to follow the same sense of style but I wouldn’t place any of them in the stereotype of emo. However, there style of music can be placed in the genre of emo. The way this photograph is set up makes you want to place the band in the Indie genre as Indie bands generally make themselves seem intimidating however they contradict themselves by pulling faces. This photo represents there type of music. Some of their lysics can be depressing and placed in the category of being emo but the way the play it in an upbeat style makes it seem okay. This is represented through there poses here. They are intimidating you but making those faces to make you feel better. Also the fact that only one of them is wearing grey and the rest are wearing white which shows us clearly which one is the front man.
  7. 7. This photograph shows their playful side to life. This also represents who is the leader of the group as he has managed to tape the rest of them all together. This highlights their personality and the faces that they are pulling are comic whish suggests that their band dynamic includes having fun. Once again in this photo the front man is the only one wearing white and the rest of them are all wearing black or dark colours.
  8. 8. Paramore
  9. 9. Paramore… Paramore have been together since 2004 and really made their mark in 2005. Paramore are really the only big female fronted band in which the rest of the band are all male. It is original and quirky and something that hasn’t really been seen before. Hayley seems to have a style of her own and generally the loud one as her hair colour might suggest. The rest of the band tend to dress in simple clothing and let Hayley take the full on role of being the leading woman. This photograph pretty much sums up Paramore. Hayley is showing off her crazy and quirky personality. The guys on the other hand seem more subdued about it all but they do show their personalities as well. The brightly coloured graffiti in the background seems more fun than just a plain background which would probably look wrong with the poses that they are doing.
  10. 10. Here is another image that shows their personalities off. The background is very setting to the pose that Hayley is doing. Its as if she is angry with someone who us running away and is trying to shoot them as the rest of the band is actually looking at the camera and doesn’t seem to care about what Hayley is doing. However this time round the only thing that sets Hayley apart from the group is her hair colour.
  11. 11. Biffy Clyro
  12. 12. Biffy Clyro… Biffy Clyro have been formed since 1995 but haven't really made it into the lime light until 2006, a hefty 11 years later. This Scottish band seem to be in a league of their own with the type of music that they create . They are leaning more towards the rock scene rather than the emo side of things. Front man Simon Neil doesn’t seem to carry off a stereotyped look which runs threw the rest of the band. This photograph is rather suggestive on which band member is more significant to the actual band. Simon is stood right at the front and is giving a direct mode of address . His choice of clothing reveals his tattoo but we could start to question on whether there is a meaning behind the necklace he is wearing. What seems like to be the next important band member is stood directly behind Simon however he is slightly out of focus but is also giving a direct mode of address. However, the final band member is stood further away and is completely out of focus. This connotes that he isn't as important to the band and might even be on his way out of the band.
  13. 13. This photograph shows the guys having some fun but they are all dressed smartly. The way they are stood implies a better group dynamic than the previous photograph as they are all stood together. But Simon is slightly distance from the rest of the group but still looks included and even looks like he is being looked up to by the other two.