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College magazine evaluation


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College magazine evaluation

  1. 1. College Magazine Evaluation Hannah Atkinson
  2. 2. Throughout the process I learnt how to use Photoshop and improve my Photoshop skills. By the time I had finished I had learnt enough for me to be able to create my music magazine with success. I learnt how to edit photographs and how to make them look better and also how to stylize fonts.
  3. 3. My front cover is very basic but I think thisworks for a college magazine as it will grabstudents attention without bombardingthem with lots and lots of text on the frontcover.I decided to go with the simple tonalcolour scheme of black and white and letthe images pick up the colour like the pinkshirt does on the cover and then thecontents background does the same withthe splashes of colour.I went for the idea of having two mainfonts which help separate the differentparts of the front cover.
  4. 4. My contents page could have donewith being more separated intodifferent sections like features, regularsetc. When it came to my musicmagazine I learnt that I had to do so.Once again I used the two differentfonts to differentiate between theheadings and page numbers.I do like the background I created for itbut I think it looks more poster likethan contents page. I think if I hadbroke my text up I would have avoidedthis problem.