Strengths and weaknesses


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Strengths and weaknesses

  1. 1. Queen Mary School, Group 5
  2. 2. The Dog, The Cat and The Little Mice
  3. 3. Introduction Once upon a time in a far away jungle there lived three baby mice(namely Moussa ,Mickey and Mini) with their parents. The jungle also inhabited a cat and a dog. The cat was very cunning and always kept planning different ways to attack the mice. The dog was very helpful and kind and so was liked by all. Once the mother of the three baby mice went to her native home for a short stay and there was, what you could call, an “incident”. What happens next? Read on…
  4. 4. Scene 1: Inside the house Michael: I cannot handle both of you anymore! Your mother went all the way to her native place with Moussa just to get a break from your antics. Now even I have had enough! I am going to get her. I am leaving right now and I want both of you to stay home and behave yourselves, at least until I come back. I have seen a large cat wandering outside, please do not go out as she is waiting for an opportunity to catch any of us. If she sees any of you alone God knows what she will do? So please listen to me and don’t go out of the house. I want everything in the very same state that it is now, when I do. Mini & Mickey: Okay dad okay ! Don’t worry! (Michael leaves and closes the door. Mickey & Mini start playing)
  5. 5. Scene 2 (4 hours later) Mini: Hey Mickey! I am bored. Let’s play outside. Mickey: Mini, you know that mum & dad have told us not to go outside. They said there is a large cat, waiting to attack us. Don’t be naughty and play cards with me. Mini: Playing cards is boring. Dad said it just because he cares for us but we have grown big now. I want to go outside, go on an adventure. Think of all the new things we might get to see if we venture further! Big trees, mountains, rivers, beautiful flowers.
  6. 6. Continuation of Scene 2 Mickey: Oh, well if you put it that way…..may be its not such a bad idea. Mini: I promise you, It isn’t and would be a wonderful adventure. Mickey: All right, but remember we have to get back before it gets dark and before mum and dad arrives.
  7. 7. Scene 3: In the forest (both playing around trees) • Mini: Isn’t this fun, Mickey! We have had the best time ever and haven’t seen the large cat even once. If we wouldn’t have come out because of that cat’s fear we would have not been able to have such a wonderful time. • Mickey: You are right, Mini even I am feeling that our parents told us about this cat just to frighten us so that we wouldn’t go too far.
  8. 8. Continuation of scene 3 • Cat: Oh, they were right about the cat, my little mice……… or should I say, my dinner? • (goes further away and hides as dog comes) • Dog: Hello, Mickey and Mini ! what are you doing here? Haven’t your parents told you about the cat? You shouldn’t be outside right now, especially without your parents. • Mini: Oh uncle! The two of us were alone at home and getting so bored, we decided to go on a little adventure and we have grown big now. • Mickey: besides, we haven’t seen any cat and we have had a lot of fun
  9. 9. Continuation of scene 3 • Dog: Children I am telling you for your own good. Please go back home. I saw that big cat sometimes back and she is wandering nearby somewhere I guess, trying to hide from me. • Mickey: Don’t worry uncle we are going back as its time for our parents to return home. • Dog: All right, Keep this whistle with you. If in case you are in trouble just blow it and I will be there to help you. Take care and be careful. • Mini: Thank you uncle! See you soon!
  10. 10. Scene 4: In a small patch of grass • Mickey: Mini, I must thank you for convincing me to come today. I’ve enjoyed myself today, and after all the food we’ve eaten along the way, I feel full. Would you like to go home now? • Mini: lets stay here for just five more minutes. Please, Mickey? We wont be able to come out for a long time after this. • Mickey: all right, but only five minutes!!!
  11. 11. Continuation of scene 4 • Cat ( mutters): five minutes is more than enough for me. Dinner, here I come! (comes out in the open) hello, little mice! Do you believe in me now? • Mini: Oh no! mum and dad were right!(both start running )(cat tries to chase them) what should we do? • Mickey: I see the dog’s house! Lets run inside!
  12. 12. Scene 5: In the dog’s house • Mini(whispers):we’ve managed to find this place the cat doesn't know where we are, but she will find us soon. what now? I am so scared. • Mickey: I’ll blow the whistle to call the uncle dog.(blows whistle. both huddle up and wait for help. barking and mewing sounds. then a pause)
  13. 13. Continuation of scene 5 • Dog comes and Mickey and mini jumps on its back and dog furiously runs towards the cat. now it was the time for cat to run away. • Mini: Thank you for coming to help us, uncle we were terrified! • Dog: know. The cat may have seemed strong and evil to you, but to me she is quiet a weakling. I am going to take you home. your parents have been worried sick.
  14. 14. Scene 6: Outside the house of the mice. (dog puts the two mice down. they see their parents and run to hug them) • Mandy: oh mini! Oh Mickey! Are you two all right? why do you never listen to us? You could have been killed by the cat today had it not been for uncle dog. • Michael: we’re sorry, mom and dad. We were just bored at home and wanted to get out of the house. We promise to never do this again, at least until we are old enough to take care of ourselves. • Mini: beside, the house is still in perfect condition, isn’t it? •
  15. 15. Continuation of scene 6 (Michael and Mandy laugh) • Mandy: it really is hard to stay angry with you two.mow come inside. (Mandy, Mickey and mini exit) • Michael: thank you for taking care of our children.(to dog)they are alive right now due to your strength. We will always be grateful to you.
  16. 16. Cast (In order of appearance) Michael: Ananya Dalal Mickey: Anushka Dhoble Mini: Radha Sawant Cat: Shreya Sheoran Dog: Ishah Taimni Teacher-in-Charge: Mrs. Sheth
  17. 17. Ananya Dalal as Michael
  18. 18. Anushka Dhoble as Mickey
  19. 19. Radha Sawant as Mini
  20. 20. Shreya Sheoran as The Cat
  21. 21. Ishah Taimni as The Dog
  22. 22. Acknowledgements We would like to thank our teacher, Mrs. Sheth, for her guidance and continued support, even when we made mistakes. We would also like to thank our partner group members in J.P.Thijsse -Chris, Bas, Thomas, Thijs, Savannah and Magdy-for their story, which taught us that even when we become weak, there will always be friends, who are strong and kind enough to help us.