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Boarding Pass to Cloud


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Qubix is a leader in partnering with our clients as they consider and adopt a cloud first strategy. We have aggregated 100+ person years of cloud experience which we have now focused to help you evaluate and plot your journey to cloud with our Boarding Pass to Cloud program.

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Boarding Pass to Cloud

  1. 1. Boarding Pass to Cloud G e t y o u r t i c k e t t o C l o u d w i t h Q u b i x .
  2. 2. Organizations that cling to yesterday’s technology will fail in today’s Digital Economy. of the top 20 market share leaders by 2018 will be significantly disrupted by new competitors that use the Cloud to create new services and business models. (IDC) 1/3 Cloud is not the future. It’s already here.
  3. 3. 86% of top performing organizations have executive commitment to Financial Transformation 62% of finance leaders are either: a.) planning to implement Cloud, or b.) already moved to Cloud 37% of finance leaders now utilize Business Analytics in their Planning and Budgeting process 60% of best-in-class have automated their financial consolidation and close process Source: Aberdeen Research, Excellence Survey 2015 And as Top Performers begin to chart their Move to the Cloud…
  4. 4. It’s crucial you don’t delay – the Status Quo is Your Worst Enemy. Organizations that fail to pivot from Thinking Cloud to Being Cloud will fail to achieve the agility they need to succeed in today’s disruptive Digital Economy.
  5. 5. Organizations that adopt a Forward- Looking Approach Reap the Rewards. enterprises that who have embraced digitalization across their organization have revenues, profit margins and stock price 20- 30% higher than laggards. (Mckinsey, 2015) +20-30% Faster to Cloud, faster to reward.
  6. 6. And will have unlocked a new competitive advantage with the Benefits of Cloud: O u t - o f - t h e - B o x A g i l i t y Cloud allows you to start with a small investment and grow with the business, just like our Fixed Scope implementation plans. F i r s t t o I n n o v a t i o n Innovation is constantly delivered on the Cloud making sure you can always take advantage of best practice capability immediately. S i g n i f i c a n t C o s t - S a v i n g s No infrastructure costs, no annual maintenance, avoid IT dependency resulting in significantly lower total- cost-of-ownership.
  7. 7. However, an effective Journey to Cloud requires Careful Navigation. Which means success isn’t simply choosing the Cloud, it’s also choosing the right partner.
  8. 8. What makes Qubix the Right Partner? O r a c l e C e r t i f i e d C o n s u l t a n t N e t w o r k Our Consultants are Oracle certified and exceed real- life project expectations. O v e r 1 , 0 0 0 + E n g a g e m e n t s We have been chosen time and time again by many of the world’s leading businesses. O r a c l e ’ s L e a d i n g C l o u d P a r t n e r We have a 100% success rate in Oracle Cloud. Our clients are referenceable. O r a c l e P l a t i n u m P a r t n e r s i n c e 2 0 0 2 Qubix is widely recognized as a proven and expert Oracle partner consultancy. P r o v e n J o u r n e y t o C l o u d M e t h o d o l o g y We map your journey and provide industry insights to guarantee delivery of your targeted outcomes.
  9. 9. Modernize your business for the Digital Economy. Start the Journey with Boarding Pass to Cloud. Let us unravel the complexities of moving from on-premises to the Cloud and guide you on your journey.
  10. 10. Boarding Pass to Cloud: Three Phases It starts with the unique Qubix Needs Analysis Bot, an app that automates and streamlines the assessment of your readiness to move to cloud. We share our Cloud Readiness Grade and your personalized Cloud Journey Plan to map your journey to cloud. At this stage you're ready for take off. Take advantage of our free training and extended support to maximize the value you receive after your cloud journey is complete. Right for you approach Take-Off TWO: THREE: Arrival Remarkable experience Leverage our proven Cloud Journey Methodology’s end-to-end capabilities.
  11. 11. Client Success Stories E f f i c i e n c y "My advice to someone considering putting in Planning and Budgeting Cloud service is Just Do It! You will not regret it.” -Heather Metcalfe, Baxters Group CFO A g i l i t y "We firmly believe Oracle Cloud is the most cost effective modern and efficient solution that allows us to offer the leading edge solution the NHS needs.” - Christine Hall, Associate Programme Director NEP I n s i g h t "We are not a typical retailer – technology is woven into everything we do. We are much more like Google or Amazon than our traditional competitors." - Paul Clarke, Ocado Technology Director Some of the world’s smartest companies trust Qubix.
  12. 12. Get your Boarding Pass to Cloud and pick your destination. G e t i n c o n t a c t w i t h Q u b i x t o r e q u e s t y o u r F r e e B o a r d i n g P a s s From: Hyperion Planning To: Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service From: HFM To: Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service From: Essbase To: Oracle Analytics Cloud
  13. 13. We’r e Or acl e’s Lead i ng C l oud Par t ner . C h a l l e n g e r s • 1st to Cloud • Industry Benchmarking • Fixed-scope solutions • We keep innovating O u t c o m e - D r i v e n • What’s right for you? • Maximize your returns • Faster time to benefit • Deliver as promised T r u s t e d • Customers love us • Global Oracle Platinum Partner • 300+ project engagements • Award winning U n i t e d K i n g d o m • U n i t e d S t a t e s • A u s t r a l i a • S l o v e n i a • I n d i a w w w . q u b i x . c o m