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Coal India Ltd.

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Coal india ltd.

  1. 1. Dr. Rafiq Zakaria Campus Presentation on Presented By: Al-Amari HamadMBA Ist Year Roll No. 02 Guide By: Dr. Zartaj Kasmi
  2. 2. Intro. About CompanyCoal India Limited (CIL) as anorganized state owned coalmining corporate came into beingin November 1975 with thegovernment taking over privatecoal mines.Coal India Ltd. today is the singlelargest coal producer in the world.CIL also manages 200 otherestablishments like workshops,hospitals etc. it also owns 26technical & management traininginstitutes.
  3. 3. Intro. About Industry The Indian coal industry is the fourth largest in terms of coal reserves and third largest in terms of coal production in the world.the Indian coal industry needs moreinvestment and private players toraise its production level. Coal has been recognized as the most important source of energy for electricity generation and industries.
  4. 4. Histroy1951 the Working Party for the coalIndustry was set up which includedrepresentatives of coal industry,labour unions and governmentwhich suggested the amalgamationof small and fragmented producingunits. Thus the idea for a nationalizedunified coal sector was born.National Coal DevelopmentCorporation was formed with 11collieries with the task of exploringnew coalfields and expeditingdevelopment of new coal mines.
  5. 5. Achievement Coal India Limited bagged first prize of Official language Implementation Award Coal India wins India Pride Award 2011 Company of the Year Award to Coal India on 19 September 2011Coal India Limited was granted the Maharatna status on 11 April,2011 by the Government of India.
  6. 6. Financial Highlithsparticulars 2010-11 2009-10 2008-09Cost of 549.91 493.31 470.12Sales(crore)Operating 88.60 45.17 152.07Profit(crore)Net Profit 4,733.40 3779.92 3291.14(crore)Equity 2463.38 2210.00 1705.42Dividend
  7. 7. Products COKING COAL :
  8. 8. ProductsNON-COKING COAL:
  9. 9. By Products
  10. 10. Export of Coal India exports coal to theneighbouring countries to meet their demand of coal.The traditional buyers of Indian coal are Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan.During 2010-2011 the quantity of coal exported by CIL was 65,831 tonnes (Provisional)
  11. 11. Organizational Structur EXECUTIVE DIRECTORSShri N C Jha Shri A K Sinha R Mohan Das Technical Finance Personnel & Industrial Relation INDEPENDENT DIRECTORSMr. Mohd. Anis Dr. R.N. Trivedi Ms. Sachi Ansari Chaudhuri
  12. 12. SWOT Analysis Strength Worlds largest producer of mica; third largest producer ofcoal and lignite & barytes; ranksamong the top producers of iron ore, bauxite, manganese ore and aluminium. Labours easily available Large quantity of high quality reserves
  13. 13. SWOT Analysis Weakness: Coal mining in India is associated with poor employee productivity.The output per miner per annum in India varies from 150 to 2,650tonnes compared to an average of around 12,000 tonnes in the U.S. and Australia Historically, opencast mining has been favored over underground mining. This has led to land degradation, environmental pollution and reduced quality of coal as it tends to get mixed with other matter
  14. 14. SWOT Analysis Opportunities: Potential areas for explorationventures include gold, diamond, copper, lead, zinc, nickel,cobalt, molybdenum, lithium, tin,tungsten, silver, platinum groupof metals and other rare metals, chromite and manganese ore, and fertiliser minerals.Considerable potential exists for setting up manufacturing units for value added products.
  15. 15. SWOT Analysis Threats: Large integrated international metal manufacturers including POSCO, Mittal Steel and Alcan have announced plans for expansion in India Mining companies and equipment suppliers are underthe constant threat of being taken over by foreign Companies.Politicians undervalue the industrys contributions to the economy.
  16. 16. Conclusion Despite the above Risks, We think that Coal India is one of the best quality stocks to come out in India’s Primary Markets. However investors should be wary of the risks which will beglossed over by the mainstream media and brokerages. It is by being aware of the risks,that prudent risk management can be done which is essential to successful investing.
  17. 17. SuggestionNeed to Review Railway Freight Charges Rationalization ofCess/ Royalty Structure Need to CurbCoal Mafia Activities
  18. 18.