credit-suisse Annual Report Part 4


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credit-suisse Annual Report Part 4

  1. 1. BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND EXECUTIVE BOARD OF CREDIT SUISSE GROUP Board of Directors Independent Auditors Rainer E. Gut, Chairman 1, 2, 3 KPMG Klynveld Peat Peter Sp−lti, Marwick Goerdeler SA, First Vice-Chairman 1 Zurich Robert L. Genillard, Vice-Chairman 1, 2, 3 Ulrich Albers 5 Thomas W. Bechtler 1, 3 Peter Brabeck-Letmathe Ulrich Bremi 1, 2 Rainer E. Gut Marc-Henri Chaudet 1 Born 1932. Chairman of the Gerald Clark Boards of Directors of Credit Arthur Dunkel 3 Suisse Group, Credit Suisse Adolf Gugler 3 and Credit Suisse First Boston. John M. Hennessy Heini Lippuner 1 Thomas Schmidheiny 3 Vreni Spoerry 3 Aziz D. Syriani 4 Theodor M. Tschopp Daniel L. Vasella 1 Member of the ChairmanÕs With the Annual General Meeting on 29 May 1998 Committee Ulrich Albers will reach the age limit for membership of 2 Member of the Compensation the Board of Directors and will therefore be stepping Committee down from this body. Mr Albers has been closely linked 3 Subject to re-election at the with Credit Suisse Group for more than 30 years: Annual General Meeting on from 1967 to 1997 he was a Member of the Board of 29 May 1998 Directors of the former Credit Suisse, and since 1989 4 Subject to election at the he has also sat on the Board of Directors of CS Holding, Annual General Meeting on 29 May 1998 now Credit Suisse Group. The Board of Directors and Executive Board of Credit Suisse Group would like to extend 5 Until 29 May 1998 their thanks to Mr Albers for his valuable services and his considerable contribution to the success of the Group. 106
  2. 2. Executive Board Lukas Mühlemann Richard E. Thornburgh Paul Meier Hans-Ulrich Doerig Born 1950. Chief Executive Born 1952. Chief Financial Born 1945. Chief Executive Born 1940. Vice Chairman of Officer of Credit Suisse Group. Officer of Credit Suisse Group. Officer of Credit Suisse. the Executive Board and Chief Risk Officer of Credit Suisse Group. Oswald J. Grübel Allen D. Wheat Phillip M. Colebatch Thomas Wellauer Born 1943. Chief Executive Born 1948. Chief Executive Born 1944. Chief Executive Born 1955. Chief Executive Officer of Credit Suisse Private Officer of Credit Suisse First Officer of Credit Suisse Officer of Winterthur Group. Banking. Boston. Asset Management. Changes in the Executive Board Senior Executives, In March 1998, Klaus Jenny, formerly Chief Executive Officer of Credit Suisse Private Corporate Centre Banking, decided to pursue other activities outside Credit Suisse Group. He took this Ahmad Abu El-Ata, Technology step on friendly terms with Credit Suisse Group. The Board of Directors would like to Kurt Arnold, Tax express their sincere gratitude to Mr Jenny, who had been with Credit Suisse since Peter Bachmann, Accounting 1972, for his highly valuable services and his substantial personal commitment. Peter Derendinger, General Counsel Rolf Dörig, Chief of Staff and Oswald J. Grübel, previously responsible for global trading at Credit Suisse First Boston, Chief Communication Officer was appointed new Chief Executive Officer of Credit Suisse Private Banking. Alfred Gremli, Advisory Tobias Guldimann, Risk Management On 1 January 1998 Hans-Ulrich Doerig assumed the function of Chief Risk Officer of Urs Hänni, Audit Credit Suisse Group. At the same time, he was appointed Vice Chairman of the Philip Hess, Corporate Secretary Executive Board. Up until this date, Mr Doerig held the position of Chief Executive Jean-Pierre Huwyler, Security Officer of Credit Suisse First Boston, responsible primarily for the integration of CS First Eugen Schmid, Human Resources Boston, Credit Suisse Financial Products and the corporate and trading operations of the former Credit Suisse into Credit Suisse First Boston. Allen D. Wheat, formerly Chief Operating Officer of Credit Suisse First Boston, was appointed new Chief Executive Officer of Credit Suisse First Boston. 107
  3. 3. BOARDS OF DIRECTORS OF CREDIT SUISSE AND CREDIT SUISSE FIRST BOSTON EXECUTIVE BOARDS OF THE BUSINESS UNITS BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF CREDIT SUISSE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF Rainer E. Gut, Chairman 1, 2 CREDIT SUISSE FIRST BOSTON Robert L. Genillard, Vice-Chairman 1, 2 Rainer E. Gut, Chairman 1, 2 Richard Andermatt, Vice-Chairman 3 Robert L. Genillard, Vice-Chairman 1, 2 Thomas W. Bechtler 1 Franz Albers Truls D. Berg 3 Thomas W. Bechtler 1 Ulrich Bremi 1, 2 Ulrich Bremi 1, 2, 3 Martin Candrian Marc-Henri Chaudet 1 Marc-Henri Chaudet 1 Mario A. Corti Jean-Daniel Cornaz 3 Michael Hilti 3 Gianfranco Cotti Klaus Jacobi 3 Hugo von der Crone 3 Andreas W. Keller Melchior Ehrler Andreas N. Koopmann 3 Riccardo Gullotti 3 Heini Lippuner 1 Urs Lauffer Lukas Mühlemann 1, 2 Heini Lippuner 1 Peter Spälti 1 Rosmarie Michel 3 Aziz D. Syriani 4 Lukas Mühlemann 1 Ernst Tanner Erich Müller Peter Spälti 1 INDEPENDENT AUDITORS Gaudenz Staehelin 3 KPMG Klynveld Peat Marwick Hans-Peter Zehnder Goerdeler SA, Zurich Roland Zimmerli 1 Member of the Chairman’s Committee INDEPENDENT AUDITORS 2 Member of the Compensation Committee KPMG Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler SA, Zurich 3 Member of the Audit Committee 4 Until 29 May 1998 1 Member of the Chairman’s Committee 2 Member of the Compensation Committee 3 Member of the Audit Committee CREDIT SUISSE CREDIT SUISSE PRIVATE CREDIT SUISSE CREDIT SUISSE EXECUTIVE BOARD BANKING EXECUTIVE FIRST BOSTON EXECUTIVE ASSET MANAGEMENT BOARD BOARD EXECUTIVE BOARD Paul Meier, Oswald J. Grübel, Allen D. Wheat, Phillip M. Colebatch, Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer Alfred M. Banz Christoph Ammann Brady W. Dougan Heinz Hofmann Bruno Bohlhalter Peter Bretscher Christopher A. Goekjian Philip K. Ryan Bruno Bonati Reto Callegari Stephen A.M. Hester Heinrich Wegmann Beat M. Fenner Reto Donatsch Marc H. Hotimsky Toshio Fukuda 1 Walter Fluck Andrew McKinnon 1 Aldo B. Leoni David C. Mulford Dominique Folletête Robert J. Moore 1 Heinz Roth Stephen E. Stonefield Gerhard Gastpar Robert Parker 1 Jörg H. Schwarzenbach Franz von Meyenburg Franz-Josef Groth William W. Priest, Jr. 1 Ruedi Stalder Charles G. Ward III Hans Ueli Keller Dilip Rasgotra 1 Olivier Steimer Ulrich Körner William Sterling 1 Sergio Zoppi Rolf Kränzlin Timothy T. Taussig 1 Hanspeter Kurzmeyer Edgar Weissenberger 1 Peter Lienhart 1 Member of the Operating Martin Wetter Committee 108
  4. 4. BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF WINTERTHUR WINTERTHUR GROUP EXECUTIVE BOARD BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF WINTERTHUR INSURANCE AND WINTERTHUR LIFE Peter Spälti, Chairman 1,2 Heini Lippuner, Vice Chairman 1 Pierre Borgeaud 1 Marc-Henri Chaudet 1,2 Lukas Mühlemann 1 Urs Bühler 2 Michael Hilti Klaus Jacobi 2 Alexandre F. Jetzer Martin Kohlhaussen Hedi Lang 2 HONORARY CHAIRMAN Hans Braunschweiler INDEPENDENT AUDITORS Revisuisse Price Waterhouse AG, Zurich 1 Board Committee 2 Subject to re-election at the Annual General Meeting on 28 May 1998 WINTERTHUR GROUP EXECUTIVE BOARD Thomas Wellauer, Chief Executive Officer Herman Aaftink Manfred Broska Gerhard Christen Markus Dennler Hansjörg Frei Erwin W. Heri Bruno Meyenhofer Hans-Rudolf Strickler Willi Suter Hans Frey1 Michael Köhler1 1 Member of the Extended Executive Board 109
  5. 5. LOCATIONS ON WORLD MAP CREDIT SUISSE Atlanta GROUP Auckland Headquarters in Zurich Bangkok Beijing CREDIT SUISSE Boston 244 locations in Brussels Switzerland Budapest Buenos Aires CREDIT SUISSE Cairo PRIVATE BANKING Chicago 50 locations in Frankfurt Switzerland Guernsey Abu Dhabi Helsinki Barcelona Hong Kong Berlin Houston Bogota Jakarta CREDIT SUISSE Buenos Aires Johannesburg ASSET Cairo Kiev MANAGEMENT Caracas Kuala Lumpur 7 locations in Dubai Labuan Switzerland Frankfurt Limassol Budapest Gibraltar London Frankfurt Guernsey Los Angeles London Hong Kong Dallas Luxembourg Luxembourg Houston Dublin Madrid Milan Kuala Lumpur Guangzhou Manila Moscow London Hamburg Melbourne New York Los Angeles Hong Kong Mexico City Paris Luxembourg Jakarta Milan Prague Madrid Johannesburg Montreal Sydney Manama Lisbon Moscow Tokyo Melbourne London Mumbai (formerly Warsaw Mexico City Luxembourg Bombay) Miami Lyon Nassau WINTERTHUR Milan Madrid New York 694 locations in Monte Carlo Mexico City Osaka Switzerland Montevideo Milan Palo Alto – 14 regional Montreal Montgomery Paris managements Munich Munich Philadelphia – 160 general agencies Nassau New York Portland – 520 agencies New York Ningbo Prague Amsterdam Paris Paris San Francisco Barcelona Rio de Janeiro Prague Santiago de Chile Basingstoke San Francisco São Paolo São Paulo Beijing Santiago de Chile Shanghai Seoul Bellevue São Paolo Simsbury Shanghai Bermuda Singapore Singapore Singapore Bonn Tokyo Stockholm Sydney Brno Toronto Sun Prairie Taipei Bromley Vancouver Sydney Tashkent Brunei Vienna Taipei Tehran Brussels Tianjin Tokyo Budapest CREDIT SUISSE Tokyo Toronto Buenos Aires FIRST BOSTON Toronto Vienna Cayman Islands Switzerland (Geneva, Vienna Warsaw Chicago Zug, Zurich) Warsaw Wellington Copenhagen Amsterdam Wiesbaden 110 111
  6. 6. INFORMATION FOR INVESTORS Credit Suisse Group shares (CHF 20 par value) Ticker symbols Stock exchange listings Bloomberg Reuters Telekurs Swiss Exchange (SWX) CSGN SW CSGZn.S CSGN,001 Frankfurt CSHN GR CSGZn.F 876800,13 Tokyo – CSGZn.T N1492,106 Also traded in New York (ADR)* CSGKY US CSGKY.OB CSGKY,130 London (SEAQ) CSG LI CSHZnq.LT C2,182 Paris (OTC) CSHR FP CSHZ.PA 916190,25 *4 ADR = 1 registered share Swiss security number 146248 ISIN number CH0001462487 CUSIP number 225 401 108 RATINGS Agencies Credit Suisse Group Credit Suisse Credit Suisse First Boston Winterthur Long term Short term Long term Short term Long term Short term Moody’s, New York A1 – Aa3 P1 Aa3 P1 Aa2 Standard & Poor’s, New York AA– A1+ AA– A1+ AA A1+ AA– Fitch IBCA, London AA– F1+ AA– F1+ AA F1+ BankWatch, New York AA TBW1 AA+ TBW1 AA+ TBW1 Credit Suisse Financial Products carries the same ratings as Credit Suisse First Boston. Enquiries Annual reports may be ordered from CREDIT SUISSE GROUP CREDIT SUISSE Investor Relations Dept. CIDM 23 Gerhard Beindorff P.O. Box 100 Tel: + 41 1 333 45 70 CH-8070 Zurich Fax: + 41 1 333 25 87 Switzerland Mailing address: P.O. Box 1, CH-8070 Zurich, Switzerland Fax: + 41 1 332 72 94 Internet: 112
  7. 7. Photography Charlie Westerman, Chicago Iris C. Ritter, Zurich Production Neidhart + Schön AG, Zurich This paper is made from TCF (totally chlorine-free) pulp