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Fly/Cruise Expeditions

Our Fly/Cruise programs give you unprecedented, convenient access to the most remote and pristine destinations on the planet – in less time than ever thought possible.

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Fly/Cruise Expeditions

  1. 1. Antarctic & Arctic Express Fly/Cruise Your Fast Pass to the Polar Regions
  2. 2. Picture yourself here !
  3. 3. ...or here !
  4. 4. ...or maybe even here? ! ! !
  5. 5. The thing about the Arctic and Antarctica, is that they are kind of remote.
  6. 6. It can take a little while to get there. Traditional expedition cruises can last between 11–23 days.
  7. 7. Some of us have the luxury of time to enjoy the ocean crossings on traditional voyages.
  8. 8. But some of us: may be prone to sea sickness that comes with long ocean crossings want to get to the heart of the destination ASAP have limited vacation time
  9. 9. What if you could have an authentic, transformational Arctic or Antarctic experience in just 7 to 11 days?
  10. 10. Trade the slow buildup of excitement of a traditional expedition for a quick rush and get right into the action.
  11. 11. You save more of your vacation time.
  12. 12. And you can still have an authentic, brag-worthy polar experience.
  13. 13. An innovative and exciting way for polar travelers to explore the Arctic and Antarctica.
  14. 14. Flying over ocean crossings shaves days off your at-sea time, making way for:
  15. 15. Getting up close and personal with wildlife
  16. 16. Hiking and exploring the frozen tundra, beaches and mountains
  17. 17. Capturing that perfect shot.
  18. 18. Earning your polar stripes by taking the plunge!
  19. 19. Witnessing the spectacle of the polar environment and its unpredictable, untouched beauty.
  20. 20. In just 7 to 11 days, you could...
  21. 21. Discover a whole new vantage point high above the world’s most pristine land and seascapes.
  22. 22. Learn more than you dreamed possible about your surroundings and yourself.
  23. 23. Give yourself a much-deserved break & digitally detox.
  24. 24. Make the most of your vacation with the flexibility to add trip extensions or plan layovers in exciting South American cities.
  25. 25. In just 7–11 days, you could have the adventure of a lifetime.
  26. 26. So where do you want to go?
  27. 27. Antarctica Expeditions 2017.18
  28. 28. An all-inclusive 7 or 8-day Antarctic Express: Fly the Drake expedition onboard our Island Sky Includes connecting flight from Santiago Learn More
  29. 29. Or, choose an 8-DAY ANTARCTIC EXPRESS: FLY THE DRAKE expedition on freshly renovated ice-strengthened SEA ADVENTURER to give yourself the flexibility to plan South American trip extensions like Patagonia.
  30. 30. The 11-day Antarctic Express: Crossing the Circle expedition guides you further south across the Antarctic Circle Includes connecting flight from Santiago Learn More
  31. 31. Arctic Expeditions 2017
  32. 32. This 10-day Arctic Express: Greenland Northern Lights expedition onboard our Ocean Nova delivers a short & sweet snapshot of Greenland Ella Island Constable Point Milne Land Reykjavik Akureyri Scoresbysund (Ittoqqortoormiit) King Oscar Fjord Atlantic OceanScoresby Sund GREENLAND ICELAND ARCTIC CIRCLE Learn More
  33. 33. It’s time to start planning.
  34. 34. What to consider when booking your Antarctic & Arctic Express Fly/Cruise
  35. 35. How long has your company been doing this?
  36. 36. Can I have the experiences I’m looking for with this itinerary?
  37. 37. Which departure date works best for me?
  38. 38. How much destination experience does my tour operator have?
  39. 39. How does trip pricing work and what’s included in the package?
  40. 40. What will I need to purchase separately?
  41. 41. Now, it’s easy to picture yourself here, isn’t it?
  42. 42. ...or here !
  43. 43. ...or maybe even here? !
  44. 44. Relax and enjoy yourself, knowing the details are taken care of and polar experts are constantly on the lookout for your next great experience.