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Windows Explorer: How select multiple item at once


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This presentation will guide you how to select multiple items at once in windows explorer. This is very useful trick in your daily computing. Watch and employ it in your PC make your computing smoother. Quantum PC Support is providing you continuous PC related tips and tutorial to make pc users happy.

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Windows Explorer: How select multiple item at once

  1. 1. Select Multiple Files or Folders in Windows Explorer You may face problems in selecting multiple items in windows explorer. You know the basic trick holding Ctrl and clicking items. This is not very comfortable always pressing and holding a key. Here is a smart solution for this. Follow the presentation to employ it in your pc.
  2. 2. First open a folder and locate the Organize menu
  3. 3. Click the Small Down Arrow Button Mentioned in the Image
  4. 4. Choose “Folder and search options” from Drop Down Menu
  5. 5. “Folder Options” window comes and then click “View” button. Now locate the option “Use check boxes to select items” from Advance Setting Section.
  6. 6. Now you have to explore a folder having multiple items (files or folders) and you will see check boxes are available with each items. You could click these check boxes and select multiple items.
  7. 7. Thank you for watching