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FACEBOOK: How to stop spammy notification from Apps


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Hello friend, Quantum PC Support is bringing another social media tips or tutorial for you. These days many Apps are available in facebook and you installed many of those intentionally or unintentionally. Unfortunately few of them are not necessary and you receive continuous spammy notification from those. This is really irritating and frustrating. Few important notifications could be missed within this spammy notification. So if you are facing such awkward situation you must be seeking for a solution to stop these. That is why we are bringing the remedy for you. Follow the presentation carefully and apply in your FACEBOOK A account.

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FACEBOOK: How to stop spammy notification from Apps

  1. 1. Facebook: How to stop Spammy Notification from Apps You could restrict spammy notification from apps by following these steps. Employ this your Facebook account and see the effect.
  2. 2. First Login Your Facebook Account. Then click the down arrow and click Settings
  3. 3. Now Click Apps
  4. 4. Here are list of Apps
  5. 5. Choose the App and Click the Edit link right side of that
  6. 6. Now go to the section “When to notify me?”Click the down arrow button
  7. 7. Click “Never”
  8. 8. Click the “Close” Button. You unification form the app will be stopped
  9. 9. Thank you for watching