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iOS: You Tube video in Background in Iphone and iPad


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This presentation will guide you to play a you tube video in background while you running another apps in your iPhone or iPad. We are thankful to for images.

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iOS: You Tube video in Background in Iphone and iPad

  1. 1. iOS: YouTube Videos in Background in Iphone, Ipad
  2. 2. There are several people who love to listen to music or even other audios from YouTube with the help of some other app on iPhone or iPad. After you have switched to another application, the video and the music associated with it would stop. However there is a quick walk around which would force iOS in order to play audio of video in the background. This is a guide which would help in iOS 7. However this would not work with the official YouTube app of Google. You would have to use a web browser in order to access YouTube and play desired video from there. Here safari would be use. Just any third party browser would work as long as it YouTube can be accessed.
  3. 3. First Open Safari Browser on your phone.
  4. 4. Now navigate the youtube video you want and play it. When you will press the play button, the video will start in full-screen mode. Wait till the video actually start playing, and then press the Home Button on your phone. You will take back to home screen after this action and the video will be paused.
  5. 5. Now, Launch your desired app that your want to use. Now you have to swiping up finger from bottom of the screen, to open the Control Center. Now in the control center, press the Play button in the music control section. Now the video will be played in the background. You will see that the url of that video will be displayed instead of the song name.
  6. 6. Now close the Control Center and enjoy your app while youtube is playing in background. You can watch the video even if you lock your phone.
  7. 7. Thank you for watching