Samsung Galaxy S5: How to save battery life


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The battery which comes with Galaxy S5 would last if used normally. You would like the battery to last more than a day to make the communication smooth. This is necessary in emergency situations or you are in a situation where the phone cannot be charged. Use the power saving features which comes with stock software. This way Galaxy S5 can last few days if used normally. Starting from new Ultra Power Saving mode to taking managing apps and screen brightness there are several ways to get better battery life without buying one or ceasing to use the features you are in love with.

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Samsung Galaxy S5: How to save battery life

  1. 1. How to save battery life of Samsung Galaxy S5 Follow the presentation to save galaxy S5 phone battery life to experience a interruption free communication
  2. 2. Method 1 Turn on the Power Saving feature using shortcuts
  3. 3. To turn on the normal Power Saving mode you have to pull down the “notification panel” and then switch to the quick- setting screen. Then Tap the “Power saving” or “Ultra power saving” option.
  4. 4. After activation of this feature your phone will be switched to gray scale mode for saving battery life. The drawback of this feature is that you can’t understand which feature is active or inactive in your phone.
  5. 5. Method 2 From Phone’s settings screen Turn on Power Saving Feature
  6. 6. Now from App drawer choose Settings
  7. 7. Now locate “Power saving” option under “Quick Settings” Tab in Settings Screen
  8. 8. Here you will find two types of power saving mode 1) Normal Power saving mode 2) Ultra Power Saving Mode
  9. 9. This mode helps you to run your phone little longer without too many restriction. Phone performance will be reduced and screen will switch to grayscale mode In Power saving mode section you could block background data, restrict phone performance, turn on grayscale mode Be careful about “ Block background data” option it may stop many App from working When Normal Power saving mode is ON
  10. 10. Phone screen looks like in grayscale mode
  11. 11. Ultra Power Saving Mode *This Mode is helpful when battery is nearly flat •Screen color will be turned into grayscale •Available apps will be restricted •Automatic Connectivity will be turned off DISADVANTAGE: You could only use Eight Essential Apps in this mode When you will turn on this mode it will show you Estimated Maximum Standby time on right side
  12. 12. When Ultra Power Saving Mode is turned On * Phone’s user interface will be turned to Basic Mode * You could only use few apps which will be listed on home screen * You could not use all installed apps in this mode
  13. 13. By using remove button in the overflow menu you could swap apps which are added to the home screen with other apps in your phone.
  14. 14. If you like to switch off power saving mode, you need to pull down the notification panel. Then tap “Power saving mode” notification. Your phone will go in normal mode.
  15. 15. ENJOY YOUR GALAXY S5 PHONE FEATURES . Thank you for watching the presentation. We will be back soon.