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Control Panel: Bring CP in your start menu


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Control panel is the most important section in your PC. You could manage your whole PC from here. So it would be better if we could reach it easily. That is why this presentation will show you how to bring the Control Panel as a sub-menu in you start menu.

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Control Panel: Bring CP in your start menu

  1. 1. Control Panel in Start Menu for Windows 7 Control Panel is the most important and useful section of a computer. We frequently use items of control panel for maintaining PC. So it is better if you get control panel items in start menu as a sub menu. Follow the steps to bring control panel as a sub menu in Start Menu.
  2. 2. Right Click on Status Bar and from the menu click “Properties”
  3. 3. Now you click “Start Menu” and then click “Customize” Button
  4. 4. A window named “Customize Start Menu” will appear
  5. 5. Locate Control Panel Section and click “Display as menu” named radio button
  6. 6. Now Click OK
  7. 7. Click start menu and you will notice that “Control Panel Menu” will appear under Start Menu
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