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Iphone and ipad: How to ensure more security with complex password

This presentation will show you how to increase the security of your iphone and ipad by creating a more complex password. Follow the steps to do it yourself.

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Iphone and ipad: How to ensure more security with complex password

  1. 1. IPAD and IPhone: Create More Complex password for security Iphone or ipad, by default has 4 digit password format which is easy to compromise. So follow the steps to create more complex password for extra security.
  2. 2. First of all Go to SETTINGS
  3. 3. Now on the settings screen you have to tap on “General Section”
  4. 4. Now choose “Passcode Lock Option”. If you are first time here or never set this feature before, then you have to provide 4 digit pin code. This 4 digit password will be replaced by a more complicated or long code later in this procedure.
  5. 5. If you set up the code, you will surely access more advanced options for the password or passcode. You have to turn off of the “simple passcode option” in the list. If this option is turned off, then you will be allowed to use or set a longer or complex password instead of a four-digit password.
  6. 6. When you will turn off the Simple Passcode , you will be asked by the system for another code. This time, you have to enter your longer or complex passcode that may contain combination of numbers, character and special characters.
  7. 7. We always suggest you to use a password which is a combination of uppercase, lowercase characters, special characters and numbers. Always try to avoid personal information like birthday or place, phone numbers, because they are easy to guess and compromise.
  8. 8. Tap “Return” after entering the new passcode. Reenter the same pass code for confirmation. After confirmation your new password or pass code will be set as current password.
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