Introducing Lattus Object Storage


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Quantum's Janet LaFleur walks through the Quantum Lattus Object Storage Solution.

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  • Hi, this is Janet Lafleur from Quantum. I’m here to introduce Lattus Object Storage, our new technology for large-scale disk archives and other data repositories.
  • In industries like media & entertainment, military intelligence and scientific research, more and more valuable data isgenerated and maintained each year. This data gives them the power to analyze, and the option to monetize or repurpose in the future. The data volumes are staggering, with technology changes like reusable capture media, higher resolution formats and 24/7 data collection all fueling this growth. The need to keep this data indefinitely results in massive data repositories that are expensive to build and manage long-term, and are often siloed by location or offline and hard to access.Need a new model that is scalable, affordable–even when online– and manageable and durable for decades to come
  • The problem is that existing technologies used for disk archiving don’t scale big enough for this Big Data. Big Data archives need to scale beyond the petabyte level and be accessible from multiple locations. And they need to protect the data from loss affordably. Most disk archives use RAID, which doesn’t work efficiently with multi-terabyte drives. Big drives are more vulnerable to bit errors and RAID rebuilds on large drives can take days. Replication is expensive and hard to maintain too.At the same time staff is looking to contain rising administrative and operational costs. They’re looking for solutions that are self-managing and self-healing, preferably with reduced power and cooling requirements. Finally, they need a solution that will last for decades, one that simplifies the process of upgrading to new disk technologies.
  • The solution is Quantum Lattus, A new disk archive with advanced architectures & algorithms that resolve the issues with large-scale disk archives.
  • Quantum Lattusis built on next generation object storage, which offers a flat namespace that scales indefinitely and a cloud access method via HTTP REST. But Lattus also offers file system access that simplifies application integration.To protect the data, Lattus uses fountain coding, a type of forward error correction. Forward error correction is a mature technology commonly used in communication that was designed with failure in mind. Algorithms encode the data as a series of equations that are spread across storage nodes. On retrieval, only a subset of the equations are needed to recreate the original data.
  • Lattus gives you a forever disk archive that scales indefinitely, is self-healing and self-migrating, and reduces both capital and operating costs. It scales to hundreds of PBs through a flat namespace; It offers high speed, low-latency file access throughStorNext, NFS and CIFS and HTTP REST. And it allows you to spread the data across multiple geographicsites.Lattus protects data against loss with extreme durabilitythat’s far better than RAID. The same algorithms that spread the data to protect it also make upgrading to new storage technologies simpler. Administrators can simply replace drives and the storage redistributes the data automatically without interrupting user access.Lattus uses low power “green” drives that reduce hardware costs and require less power & cooling. The high redundancy means that replacing failed components can be done on a scheduled basis instead of as an emergency. And when compared to mirrored RAID 6, total cost of ownership is reduced by 50-70%.
  • Lattus object storage is built in a scale-out architecture using three types of nodes: Lattus S10 storage nodes store the object data. Lattus C10 controller nodes run the algorithms that encode the data into objects and decode them when data is retrieved. And Lattus A10 access nodes provide heterogeneous NAS file access through the NFS and CIFS file systems. Lattus systems start with a base configuration of these nodes, which can be extended for greater capacity, redundancy or performance by adding more nodes.
  • Lattus-X object storage is designed for large collections of shared files at a price appropriate for long-term storage. It’s ideal for distributed workgroups that share large repositories of content or large data sets, including users in multiple geographic locations. Lattus-X offers a Lattus A10 access node for CIFS/NFS access with up to 400 million files per access node.
  • Lattus-M Object Storage works with Quantum’s StorNext policy-based tiering and archiving for amore intelligently managed long-term archive. It’s ideal for big data environments that include multiple tiers of storage, from high-performance primary storage to active archiving to tape. Lattus-M includes StorNext Storage Manager feature keys and can manage up to 1 Billion files per StorNext metadata controller.
  • To sum it up: Quantum iLattus solutions are large-scale, durable, cost-effective disk archives that solve today’s toughest datachallenges. They scale indefinitely, they are self-healing and self-migrating and they can lower both your capital and operating costs. Quantum Lattusgives you the Forever Disk Archive.
  • Introducing Lattus Object Storage

    2. 2. Quantum Confidential| Big Data, Big Challenges  VALUE of Data – Power to analyze. – Option to monetize or repurpose  VOLUME of Data – ‘Free’ data collection – Increasing data granularity – Content being stored forever  MASSIVE Data Repositories – Expensive to build, manage long-term – Siloed, offline and unretrievable 2 More valuable data generated = more to manage indefinitely
    3. 3. Quantum Confidential|  Scale To Petabytes and Beyond – Single-site and/or multi-geo  Protect from Data Loss Affordably – High-density disks are vulnerable to bit errors – Hardware RAID inefficient on TB+ drives – Storing multiple full copies of data $$$$  Reduce Operational Costs – Administrative/operational costs going up – Need for self-managing, self-healing – Need to reduce power and cooling  Durable for Decades – Easy migration to new disk technologies Disk Archives Don’t Scale Well 3 A new technology is required for large-scale disk archives
    4. 4. Quantum Confidential| Introducing Quantum Lattus Object Storage 4
    5. 5. Quantum Confidential| What is Quantum Lattus?  Next Generation Object Storage  Flat namespace scales indefinitely  Both HTTP REST + file system access  Fountain Coding Algorithm  A type of Forward Error Correction (FEC)  Mature technology used in communications (e.g. space missions, cell phones)  Designed with failure in mind – assumes components WILL fail  Multiple copies of encoded data distributed across object storage nodes A new disk archive with advanced architectures & algorithms
    6. 6. Quantum Confidential| Quantum Lattus: The Forever Disk Archive Scales indefinitely Scales to hundreds of PBs via flat object namespace High-speed, low-latency access Flexible access via NFS, CIFS, REST and StorNext FS Data easily spread across geographically dispersed sites Self-healing & self-migrating Self-healing: Extreme durability to ensure data is never lost (better than RAID) Self- migrating: Innovative algorithms simplify upgrades to new storage technologies Lower operating & capital costs “Green” drives for lower initial cost, less power & cooling required Lower maintenance costs due to higher redundancy TCO reductions of 50-70%
    7. 7. Quantum Confidential|7 Quantum Lattus Scale-Out Architecture  Lattus S10 Storage Node – Extensible storage for the object data  Lattus C10 Controller Node – The brains of the Lattus object storage  Lattus A10 Access Node – Provides NAS file system access
    8. 8. Quantum Confidential| Disk-Based Archives – Where they Fit Primary Disk Archive Disk Nearline Tape Active Vault More demand for predictable restore times of disk archives. But with reliability and scalability at a low price $’sPerTB(List) Access and Restore Times
    9. 9. Quantum Confidential| Lattus-X for NAS Access Flexible NAS access to durable object storage CIFS/NFS access via A10 HTTP REST for apps 400m files per access node 9
    10. 10. Quantum Confidential| Lattus-M with StorNext Management StorNext policy-based tiering Includes Storage Manager keys 1 Billion Files (per MDC) Virtually unlimited scalability Integrated with StorNext for an automated, durable archive
    11. 11. Quantum Confidential| Quantum Lattus: The Forever Disk Archive  Scales indefinitely – Scales to 100s of petabytes – Data easily dispersed across multiple sites  Self-healing & self-migrating – Extreme durability protects data from loss – Redistribution algorithms simplify upgrades to new storage technologies  Lower capital & operating costs – Lower maintenance due to high durability – Less power & cooling required 11 Scalable, durable & cost-effective disk archives
    12. 12. Quantum Confidential| © 2012 Quantum Corporation. Company Confidential. Forward-looking information is based upon multiple assumptions and uncertainties, does not necessarily represent the company’s outlook and is for planning purposes only.