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Digital strategy, branding and design

Digital Strategy | Digital branding company | Digital marketing company in mumbai

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Digital strategy, branding and design

  3. 3. DIGITAL STRATEGY • Digital strategy is the process of identifying, articulating and executing on digital opportunities that will increase your organization’s competitive advantage. DIGITAL STRATEGY focusing engagement Interaction personalisation customisation Social media IT
  4. 4. DIGITAL STRATEGY • Digital strategy is more cost effective than traditional way of marketing • It also helps in business development Business Development Business efficiency Increase the reach of brand Business adaptability
  5. 5. DIGITAL BRANDING • The tagging of owned and viral content with Brand specific information that can be sourced by search engines and delivered to potential customers as search results. DESIGN CAMPAIGN BRAND AWARENESS POSITION YOUR BRAND
  6. 6. Differentiation Traditional Branding Strategy Digital Branding Strategy Focuses on differentiation Focuses on relevance Buys attention Earns attention Requires big budgets Affordable
  7. 7. DIGITAL DESIGN • Digital design is a growing specialty in the field of graphic design. • Digital designers use creativity and computer skills to design visuals associated with electronic technology. • Digital design is the branch of graphic design that uses computers, graphics tablets and other electronic devices to create graphics and designs for the Web, television, print and portable electronic devices.