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Introduction to HRV


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Darragh talks introduces us to Heart Rate Variability & how to use it to manage stress in work & exercise.

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Introduction to HRV

  1. 1. Heart Rate Variability Introduction to heart rate variability tracking Darragh O'Neill
  2. 2. What is heart rate variability? • Measure of the “Variance between heart beats” • Measured over a period of time (1minute minimum) • Gives an insight into how stressed our nervous system is • Is a quantitative(numerical) measure of stress • Influenced by the autonomic nervous system(Automatic!) • Divided into two branches
  3. 3. Example of even heart rate( i.e. stressed response)
  4. 4. Stressfull!!
  5. 5. Science bit! • Autonomic nervous system is involved in regulating stress or arousal level • Divided into two branches • One that speeds up our reactions • One that slows down our reactions • Like an accelerator and a brake in your car
  6. 6. Flight or flight response (Sympathetic response) • Involved in events that trigger the safety of the individual • Classic example being running away from a dangerous animal
  7. 7. Rest and digest response (Parasympathetic response) • Involved during restful and energy building activities • Digestion of food being a key example • Restful activities increase the signal to the parasympathetic nervous system(will get to these later)
  8. 8. Video explaining difference between the branches
  9. 9. Who measures hrv? • Athletes • Executives • Silicon valley entrepreneurs • Everyday people who want to get more control over their life and Manage their stress better