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QuantLINK Brochure

QuantLINK is S&P Capital IQ Real-Time Solutions (QuantHouse) trading infrastructure services. Buy-side and sell-side firms leverage this service as an addition to their proprietary trading facilities; either utilising the co-location, global backbone and/or direct exchange connectivity services.

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QuantLINK Brochure

  1. 1. Real-Time Solutions High Performance Global Trading Infrastructure Services QuantLINK is S&P Capital IQ Real-Time Solutions (QuantHouse) trading infrastruc- ture services. Buy-side and sell-side firms leverage this service as an addition to their proprietary trading facilities; either utilising the co-location, global backbone and/or direct exchange connectivity services. Whether you use Automated Trading Applications or Advanced Execution Algos; overall performance is linked to the quality of your trading infrastructure. QuantLINK combines S&P Capital IQ’s propri- etary fiber optic network interconnecting the heart of the exchanges with proximity hosting at the source. Advanced Trading Infrastructure solutions ¬¬ Co-location and Proximity hosting services ¬¬ Ultra Low Latency Market Data and Order Routing accesses ¬¬ GPS clock synchronization ¬¬ Global access to Prime Brokers* ¬¬ Smarthand and Project Management Next Generation Technologies ¬¬ Fiber based proprietary network ¬¬ Latest Server and Networking devices ¬¬ Multiple routes for High Availability Global reach and End-to-End support ¬¬ 24/7 end-to-end Automated monitoring ¬¬ More than 23 datacenters in All strategic locations ¬¬ DMA to more than 100 exchanges Advanced Trading Infrastructure Solutions QuantHouse understands the requirement for ultra low latency and introduces a proximity hosting services in Exchange data centers and proximity sites. QuantHouse proximity hosting will make sure your algo trading applications receive market data and route your orders before your competitors by providing a service located directly within the exchanges. Our proximity hosting facilities are located in major financial centers around the world. QuantHouse being at the source enables you to access Exchange matching engines in microseconds. In addition, you have 24x7 access to fully manage your trading application via multiple physical different routes. Exchange Through Direct Market Access QuantLINK ULL O/R DMA QuantLINK ULL Market Data Client Trading Application [ Main Features [ QuantLINK Co-Location & Proximity Services GPS Synchronisation Global Access to Prime Brokers* Smarthand and Project Management
  2. 2. QuAnThouse worldwide fiber opTic neTworK provides A high ThroughpuT neTworK And ulTrA low lATency mArKeT dATA feeds To opTimiZe performAnce. Our services enable buy side and sell side firms to benefit from high capacity and ultra low latency direct trading services to complement or replace existing trading infrastructure and solutions. QuantHouse’s fiber optic network topology has been designed by our engineers for high availabil- ity and performance. In addition, the fiber optic path is direct between your trading application and global markets. Exchange matching engines are only a few milliseconds away. ¬ Co-location and Proximity hosting services ¬ Ultra Low Latency Market Data and Order Routing accesses ¬ GPS clock synchronization ¬ Global access to Prime Brokers* ¬ Smarthand and Project Management As QuantHouse selects and manages every component used in its networks, such as routers and switches, we provide a state of the art network that is both highly reliable and flexible (10 Gbps DWDM support). Global Reach and End-to-End Support The maintenance and surveillance layers both have internal and external interfaces to monitor infra- structure and application performance. You have access to all statistics on network and feedhandler latency, bandwidth usage, CPU/memory usage, process status, data quality, and the infrastructure monitoring tools cover all hosting, transportation and DMA layers. Space & Time Matrix ToronTo new yorK chicAgo ToKyo singApore milAn Zurich AsiA AmericAs europe hong KongpAris 10ms london 8.5ms 63ms 21.5ms 16ms 33ms 92.5ms 19.8mssTocKholm moscowfrAnKfurT 9ms 18.7ms 10ms 11.5ms 4ms 4.5ms 2.5ms 3.5ms 9ms 16ms 6.5ms 13ms 32.5ms S&P CAPITAL IQ QuAnTlinK
  3. 3. chicAgo CME Aurora Equinix CH1 Cermak new yorK Equinix NY4 Equinix NY9 Nasdaq Carteret ToKyo KVH (TDC-1) JPX The Cube singApore SGX - Keppel hong Kong HKex frAnKfurT Equinix FR2 london Equinix LD4 (Slough) Interxion LON1 LSE NYSE Basildon Telehouse Docklands milAn BT Inet moscow Stack M1 pAris Telehouse TH2 QuantHouse HQ sTocKholm NasdaqOMX Lunda Zurich Equinix ZH4 usA AsiA europe S&P CAPITAL IQ QuAnTlinK paris milano Zurich frankfurt stockholm Toronto moscow sydney hong Kong london singapore paris milano Zurich frankfurt moscow stockholm new york london chicago Tokyo
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QuantHouse Inc. 55 Water Street, 44th floor New York, NY 10041 USA +1 (212) 438 4346 130 East Randolph One Prudential Plaza, Suite 2900 Chicago, IL 60601 USA +1 (312) 233 7129 QuantHouse S&P Capital IQ 12 Marina Boulevard, #23-01 Marina Bay Financial Centre, Tower 3 Singapore 018982 QuantHouse/UK 20 Canada Square, Canary Wharf London E14 5LH UK +44 (0) 203 107 1676 QuantHouse/FR 52 Rue de la Victoire 75009 Paris, FR +33 (0) 1 73 02 32 11 S&P CAPITAL IQ QUANTLINK About QuantHouse QuantHouse, the global provider of next generation market data and Algo trading solutions, was acquired by S&P Capital IQ earlier this year. Its international offerings include low latency market data (QuantFEED), automated trading platform (QuantFACTORY) and proximity hosting low latency order routing (QuantLINK) to buy- and sell-side and technology companies, as well as exchanges and MTFs. QuantHouse has over 120 clients, 20 global data centres, 45 direct exchange connections and 90 total exchange data feeds. End-to-End Trading Solutions QuantFEED LOW LATENCY MARKET DATA QuantFACTORY AUTOMATED TRADING PLATFORM QuantLINK PROXIMITY HOSTING LOW LATENCY ORDER ROUTING About S&P Capital IQ S&P Capital IQ, a business line of The McGraw-Hill Companies (NYSE:MHP), is a leading provider of multi -asset class and real time data, research and analytics to institutional investors, investment and commer- cial banks, investment advisors and wealth managers, corporations and universities around the world. We provide a broad suite of capabilities designed to help track performance, generate alpha, and identify new trading and investment ideas, and perform risk analysis and mitigation strategies. Through leading desktop solutions such as the S&P Capital IQ, Global Credit Portal and MarketScope Advisor desktops; enterprise solutions such as S&P Capital IQ Valuations, and Compustat; and research offerings, including Leveraged Commentary & Data, Global Markets Intelligence, and company and funds research, S&P Capital IQ sharpens financial intelligence into the wisdom today’s investors need. Single API Sub-Millisecond Latency Global Fiber Optic Network .NET Development Framework Complete Back Testing Tools Execution Platform Global Proximity Hosting Propietary Fiber Optic Network Order Routing Exchange Connectivity