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Future trends in leadership development


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Adam examines the Future Trends of Leadership Development white paper from the Centre for Creative Leadership and presents his own thoughts on the future of the industry.

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Future trends in leadership development

  1. 1. Does Leadership Development need to change?
  2. 2. Harvard Business School
  3. 3. 70:20:10 Tough jobs People (mainly boss) Coaching, mentoring. Social networks Action Learning 360 feedback Formal training, books
  4. 4. “Competencies–they don’t add value.” Competencies
  5. 5. Socialised Shaped by others and culture. Loyal. Reliant on authority for direction Self Authoring Developed our own ideology. Internal compass, self-directed. Take stands Self Transforming Regard multiple ideologies, move away from either / or thinking. See our limitations. Kegan’s Adult Levels of Development
  6. 6. Autonomy over development The manager chooses what to focus on, not the coach. The process is customized for each person. The coach guides the process (through questions) The coach is a thinking partner, not an authority/expert. There is no “content” to cover. It is a developmental process over time, not an event.
  7. 7. While many organisations say that they need leaders at all levels of the business, a number of interviewees pointed out that this statement appears inconsistent with their practices, as long as they continue to train and develop only their “elite” managers.
  8. 8. A development partner whose main role is to innovate new structures and processes for development….shift responsibility for developing leaders away from HR and toward the current leaders of the organisation….. For L&D professionals this would mean partnering with senior leaders to build a true culture of development.
  9. 9. Emphasis on ethics in Leadership Innovation in development methods Vertical as well as horizontal development Self-directed learning Expand the reach of leadership development beyond the elite
  10. 10. £16,000 per year
  11. 11. 92% drop out rate
  12. 12. Flipped Classroom Students watch lectures before class Class time is spent on applied learning, higher order thinking skills Traditional Classroom Teacher lectures, students take notes Students apply knowledge and demonstrate understanding in homework
  13. 13. Quanta Leadership Development Forum 17th March 2015