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Vietnam mobile day 2012 platform mo va ung dung de phat trien mang xa hoi mobile - socbay


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Vietnam mobile day 2012 platform mo va ung dung de phat trien mang xa hoi mobile - socbay

  1. 1. Socbay iMedia 4UPlatform mở và ứng dụng để phát triển mạng xã hội Mobile 2012-May
  2. 2. “ The Future Of Mobile is The Future Of Everything ” Matt Galligan, co-founder of SimpleGeoBut, what is the future of Mobile?
  3. 3. The future of mobile is Web!
  4. 4. Our situation today
  5. 5. Living in the cloudFly carefully, you may not wanna hit the Android
  6. 6. Vietnam in its own trend
  7. 7. Crisis & Crisis• Financial crisis• Gold crisis• Real estate crisis• Stock market crash• CPs crisis
  8. 8. Mobile Subscribes180160140120100 80 60 40 20 0 2004 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  9. 9. The death of Beeline and the rise of• Lean startups – single developers or small groups. – Remember the time of “Google adsense”, geeks?• OTT payment companies• Telcos is crazily finding the way out for the dump pipe curse• Hyper-connected and VNMobile S-Fone EVNT 3% 2% 2% Beeline - virtualizations Dead 0% Viettel• Android fragmentation Mobifone 29% 36%• The dawn of mobile Ads Vinaphone 28%
  10. 10. This presentation• is not for technical details• is just sharing our vision of Mobile SNS• will be changed up to last minute
  11. 11. Socbay iMedia since 2007
  12. 12. The Socbay platform• High Compatibility: over 2.200+ mobile phone models with different OS: Java Phone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Bada, iOS…• Unique Socbay mobile search technology, mobile data streaming and user personalization based on behaviour targeting technology.• Socbay use a virtual currency to buy contents and a flexible ads serving system.• Useful daily services: news, location, security, books, etc; as well as entertainment: music, game, video, football, image, etc.• Online via 2.5G, 2.75G, 3G, Wi-Fi.
  13. 13. NO.1 APPLICATION & NO.1 MOBILE MARKETING PROVIDER IN VIETNAM MULTI-PLATFORM Symbian, Blackberry OS, iOS, Bada, Android, Linux, Java phones… MULTI-SERVICENews, Story, Mp3 music, Game, Video, Image, Football, Lottery, Daily tips…
  14. 14. Socbay iMedia intro clip (2 mins)
  15. 15. Rating & Comments 20
  16. 16. Get “rich” in minutes 21
  17. 17. More informative 22
  18. 18. More fun & interactive Horoscope . Fate . Fun 23
  19. 19. Facebook and social networks 24
  20. 20. Challenges & Contests And much more 25
  21. 21. Pay at convenience
  22. 22. Enjoy new free multimedia messages
  24. 24. ADVERTISING ON MOBILE PHONE IS GOING TO BETHE NEXT GENERATION OF DOING MARKETING Although mobile but laptop isn’t always running USER BEHAVIOR SHIFTThe amount of time watchingTV is declining for the internetconnected devices growth ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE Mobile always is in people pocket and almost never sleeps! VIRAL Mobile phone is easier to share information p2p #1 OF INTERATIVITY Enhance interactions between advertisers and CHOICE target audiences
  25. 25. ADVERTISING ON SOCBAY IMEDIA• Measureable KPI • Strong customization ability• Cost-saving • Provide highly flexible marketing campaign and effective target• Strong back-end system advertising• Collectable customers info• Strong track-record to run large campaign nationwide
  26. 26. Top banner Bottom banner Banner in article Banner in playerLanding Wap-sitepageinsideSocbayiMedia
  27. 27. Click to call Click to downloadClick to send SMS Branding box
  28. 28. POP-UP FOR RESEARCH & SURVEY• Appear subject to pre-setup schedule.• Collectable survey data Yes/No questions One option questions Multiple choices User Comments
  29. 29. Cooperation needed• If you want a new stream of revenue from – SNS – Mobile advertising• And if you are: – Developers – Content provider• We want to cooperate with you to – Get new revenue stream – New exciting challenges 34
  30. 30. Please don’t hesitate to contact us• Mobile: +84.988.402.064• Email:• Skype/Yahoo/Facebook ID: Cencious 35
  31. 31. ABOUT US COMPUTE FUTURE Our company:Founded in 28th July 2006, Naiscorp is the pioneer andleading company in mobile portal, mobile SNS, intelligentdata processing, Vietnamese search engine, with uniquetechnologies. We serve:Internet & mobile users, government, state ownedcompanies, enterprises/corporate advertisers, mediaagencies, mobile network operators, internet serviceproviders, content providers.
  33. 33. We brought MOMO to Vietnam (2011)
  34. 34. THANK YOU!Naiscorp Information Technology Service Join-Stock CompanyAdd : 101 B1 Nguyen Khanh Toan Str., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi, VietnamTel : +84 (4) 3767 8458 Ext 107Fax : +84 (4) 3767 8024Email : sale@socbay.comRepresentative Office: Ho Chi Minh CityAdd : 1 Tran Khanh Du street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam